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PhotoBlink Web Presence

PhotoBlink Smart Scripts©
PhotoBlink Smart Scripts© are a light and very fast version of the well-known PhotoBlink Smart Tags©. They enable you to display the PhotoBlink running Photo of the Day live on your site. Copy one of the provided scripts and paste them into your webpage. You can also change the background, font, header and border colors, as well as the magnification of the images and table dimensions with the help of provided Smart Script generators. See Help for more details.

When you add a PhotoBlink Smart Script or a Smart Tag, to your website, please notify the Webmaster, and we will gladly place a reference to your site on our links page marked by the PB REF icon, provided your site is in a good condition and presents valuable photographic material to its visitors. In your email please provide a one-line brief description of your site that you would like to go together with the link. Please note that as a rule we will link to the particular page of your website, where a PhotoBlink Smart Script/Tag is placed.

Photo of the Day Smart Scripts

Photo of the Day Smart Script Generator
*syntax: pbpotd(zoom, background-color, font-color, header-color, border-color);
POTD and Latest Images Smart Scripts
Latest Pictures & Hot 10 POTD Smart Script Generator
syntax: pblast10(zoom, numpics, numcolumns, background-color, font-color, header-color, border-color, cell-background);
syntax: pb10potd(zoom, numpics, numcolumns, background-color, font-color, header-color, border-color, cell-background);

PhotoBlink © Sergei Samus.