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PhotoBlink Member Guest Book: Tania Samus

3 Simon Wakefield author page send message (2008-10-14T12:14:29)
Good bye to everyone here. Someone here suggested something that I took great offence to. As a person who was abused rather frequently as a child, it was especially hurtful and I unloaded with a rather rabid response. Of course, I realized I would be barred but the comment to me was too hurtful for me to not post the response I did. I wish everyone here at the "Mutual Admiration Society" good luck. I do apologize for my general aggressive attitude in my criticisms. It was so that I could receive criticisms, which are hard to find. The best ones I received and learned the most from were from people trying to retaliate on me for posting a blunt criticism of their work. I would like to point ouit that I did not attack anyone personally and that my criticisms of work were genuine and I think most people would agree, acurate. If I read one more "nice colours" to some boring lame flower shot, I'm gonna scream, especially when there are 5 different things wrong with the pic.   
2 N_16 (World is beautiful) member guest book author page send message (2007-09-27T04:42:07)
Hi dear tania!... Really i love all your photograph's...All of them 'r famous and have a nice meaning and excellent....   
1 archera member guest book author page send message (2003-07-10T15:34:20)
Hi Tania ... Although you post infrequently, I love your photos, and of course I am very happy for your friendship. I also think you deserve many thank you's too for your efforts with Sergei for this excellent site. :O)   
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