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PhotoBlink has been around for over 3 years. It is extremely rich in features. All this time I've been constantly adding new features to make it interesting, dynamic and functional. For a newcomer the site might seem complex at first, but as people become more familiar with the site they find it very exciting to discover new functionality all the time.

By following the links below you can get to 3 major documents that describe the site's rules and functionality. I recommend reading all of them if you want to take all the advantage of being a PhotoBlink member.

About PhotoBlink General help Membership help

Below is a brief summary of what PhotoBlink is about.

PhotoBlink is a popular photographic forum and competition site created and run by Sergei Samus.
Its purpose is to provide the simulation of a real life competition for advanced and professional photographers and to educate amateur enthusiasts. PhotoBlink features unique smart Rating System, Judges Panel, forums, multiple contests, Honor Portfolios, Messenger, member Galleries with the Paypal support, subdomain service, member messages and links services, interactive statistics, smart scripts, and much more.