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author Tom Grubbe
title Times Square In Motion #1
date7/8/2000 1:41:00 AM

I spent last week in New York City on business and had only a few hours to shoot. This is the first of several shots from this trip. City shots are totally new to me so I have no idea if any of these are good or not so any input is absolutely welcome!

Details: Canon Elan II, Sigma 28-80@~28mm, Elite Chrome 200, Tripod, f22@~2"

Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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1 Derek Dobbie   (7/8/2000 2:32:00 AM)
Certainly conveys a feeling of motion Tom. Where were you standing to get a shot such as this. ( In the middle of the road ? ). If you are new to this sort of photography then what a start.
2 Christel Green   (7/8/2000 3:04:00 AM)
I was hovering between a 9 and a 10 on this one - I played it safe and voted 9 :) To me this is a totally alien landscape and the picture gives me a feeling of being out of breath and dizzy :) Super exposure and composition. My personal preference would have been to see a little more of the road surface and headlights, but it works as is.
3 Allen Rogers   (7/8/2000 9:55:00 AM)
Tom I think it's great but I keep ducking. Wondering if you were standing in the middle of the street for this one or if you were on an island there. If you're in the middle of the street at night in NYC like this picture implies then maybe you have a death wish. Just kidding .. I like it except for the light lines on the middle right. I think they take away from the image only slightly.
4 John Hazard   (7/8/2000 5:02:00 PM)
This really says "New York traffic at night" to me. Excellent.
BTW, I understand New Yorkers really behaved themselves for OPSail 2000-------
there are only 4 tall ships missing!
5 Bill Taylor   (7/8/2000 8:07:00 PM)
Beautiful shot, Tom! You may want to shoot a few evenings in S.F. Post this on PC, will be interesting to here from the New Yorkers. You didn't bump into Hil by any chance?
6 Mikhail Lavrenov   (7/10/2000 5:46:00 AM)
I like it too !
7 Mikhail Lavrenov   (7/10/2000 5:46:00 AM)
I like it too !
8 Mikhail Lavrenov   (7/10/2000 5:46:00 AM)
I like it too !
9 Mikhail Lavrenov   (7/10/2000 5:48:00 AM)
Sorry for writing it 3 times, but I've got an error message and thought my comment didn't pass through... so I retried a couple times before noticed that actually it's there :)
10 Erich Mangl (7/24/2000 6:17:00 AM)
thatīs exactly how i remember n.y. :-)
11 hil   (8/23/2000 1:37:00 PM)
hi tom. i hope you dont mind me commenting even thought im not a regular here (site is dog slow and with all these popups i feel like im swimming through a kids room).
it is a nice shot! it is a shame the neon looks soft but i figure thats from the neon flashing like crazy. it is also a shame you didnt have a wider lens- i see you had to tilt it up a bit to get the LG sign acceptable and in my opinion the image suffers for it. for bill: quite possibly! i walk past here at least twice daily. the best time to photograph times square is after summer rain. times square is a 6 block ling X and tom is standing in the centre... not as scary as it looks :) back to your normal programming...
[no vote - i do not believe in bottom lining art]
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