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author gdanger (George Dangerfield)
title Train Arrival
date3/9/2003 12:29:46 AM
detailsTaken in Philadelphia yesterday. I placed the camera on the train platform and tilted the lens up since I didn't have a tripod with me. I'm shooting with my Coolpix since I sold my D60 and am waiting for the New Canon EOS 10D that I recently pre-ordered. Nikon Coolpix 990, 2 sec., f/7, ISO 100
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1 Jason Kubat   (3/9/2003 1:01:19 AM)
George, this is a really good shot. I love the almost abstract quality to the shot. Excellent details and perspective. The motio blur adds a lot as well. (8.7)
2 Dani   (3/9/2003 2:28:54 AM)
Excellent work! I love these motion shots of trqains and train stations!
3 Eleni   (3/9/2003 3:05:38 AM)
Very good all the way...
4 Marilou (Marielou Dhumez)   (3/9/2003 3:59:32 AM)
Extremely powerfull shot !!!
5 sbourson (bourson stéphane)   (3/9/2003 5:03:10 AM)
6 ACVC (Aguinaldo Vera-Cruz)   (3/9/2003 5:19:19 AM)
Very well done ! Excellent point of vue !
7 Giorgio   (3/9/2003 5:20:12 AM)
a very stirring sight,congrats (9.8)
8 Hans (photography or politics?)   (3/9/2003 5:39:41 AM)
Great shot George. The movement,composition, reflections and!
9 John Smeets   (3/9/2003 5:43:26 AM)
oooooooooochhhhhhhhhhh keep that cam solid gold in your hands(10)
10 sima   (3/9/2003 5:49:06 AM)
Great shot - I am impressed !!
11 BIGA (bighin vincenzo)   (3/9/2003 6:01:23 AM)
12 gmx (Gustav Miller)   (3/9/2003 6:16:42 AM)
This picture speaks for itself and the photographer. Outstanding !
13 Lorraine54 (Don't worry be Happy and comment more)   (3/9/2003 7:27:53 AM)
Excellent work great reflections and colours, who needs a new camera with shots like this
14 Claudia Robinson (looie's mom :-o)   (3/9/2003 7:36:18 AM)
I love shots like this. Love the position of the camera and the movement. You can feel the energy. You're getting a 1D?? George, you're just going to love it. Can you more shutter lag!!
15 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (3/9/2003 8:14:09 AM)
I wish I was getting the 1D Claudia, but that is out of my price range, I am getting the 10D which has replaced the D60. Hopefully they will be shipping it this week, but you never know, my D60 was backordered for 4 months.
16 robinschooley (Robin Schooley)   (3/9/2003 8:30:38 AM)
This is awsome, George. I passed by 30th Street Station last weekend... but from the outside. Out of curiosity, have you ever had a problem with security personnel when taking an image such as this? Things tightened up after 9/11, but then they seemed to relax again for a while. Now they seem to be tightening up again. Oh, and if I come to Philly this summer will you let me play with your new toy? ;)
17 ulol   (3/9/2003 9:05:14 AM)
spectacular well executed image George! thanks again for sharing i am learning a lot from you! 9.5
18 oneolden   (3/9/2003 9:15:05 AM)
Full of atmosphere - great shot
19 Jean Frs Poinson (Jean-Frs Poinson)   (3/9/2003 9:19:20 AM)
Quit a change of pace. I like it... Ditto Jason... :o)
20 mbighin (Mauro Bighin)   (3/9/2003 9:31:55 AM)
Majestic modern work, with a dynamic which is the opposite of your already perfect still frogs. I admire the way you can pass to different subjects keeping always the same light/colors quality. And with a sense of composition over the average. 10
21 Stephanie Asher   (3/9/2003 10:08:50 AM)
This is totally awesome, George! How did you blur the people on the right side of the photo while keeping the sign above the people, as well as the train on the left side of the photo, in focus?
22 andrew crawford   (3/9/2003 10:21:10 AM)
The perspective provides great depth and composition. I agree with Mauro regarding the consistant quality of your pictures no matter what the subject is.
23 ac   (3/9/2003 10:39:07 AM)
Voted 9, because of the creative point of view.
24 Mike Blanchard   (3/9/2003 10:47:02 AM)
Great shot George. Lots of interesting stuff happening here and the low angle is terrific. I am wondering though if the yellow platform is really the greenish yellow that I'm seeing. Typically I would expect a bright yellow warning tract. Regardless, it works well with that splash of color really bringing the image alive. Nicely done.
25 Garry Budyk   (3/9/2003 10:48:46 AM)
Very slick and urbane , with wonderful colour echoes and a super composition ! Excellent !
26 David13   (3/9/2003 11:02:17 AM)
27 KateWossner (keep on truckin')   (3/9/2003 11:06:36 AM)
Terrific work, George! Nicely composed and presented. Kate
28 Regina Lopes   (3/9/2003 1:16:48 PM)
Wow! Excellent perspective, George!
29 David Tankersley   (3/9/2003 1:23:21 PM)
It's all been said. Beautious...
30 Gala   (3/9/2003 1:45:37 PM)
SIMPLY PERFECTLY!! Congratulations!
31 David   (3/9/2003 2:02:15 PM)
George, this is great. I am going to check out the local Amtrak line and see if I can get something anywhere near this good. If you don't have a wide-angle zoom, check out the new Canon 17-40/4L which is a good fit for the higher ISO capabilities of the 10D. I sold 4 eos lenses, 2 FD lenses and 2 FD camera bodies and ordered one. How much did you get for the D60, if you don't mind me asking? My email address is
32 ChrisC (Christopher Cove)   (3/9/2003 3:15:55 PM)
George, Great perspective.A creative well executed photograph!
33 Shirley D. Cross   (3/9/2003 5:26:23 PM)
George, you the MAN! This is terrific!
34 Berenice Kauffmann Abud (AFIAP /2004)   (3/9/2003 6:33:07 PM)
This is fantastic, George! Congrats!
35 LindaY (Linda Y)   (3/9/2003 9:48:52 PM)
Nice one, George. I love the low angle, lighting and sense of motion in this one. I will be curious how you like the 10D when you get it. I have my eye on that one too.
36 Josias (Josias Mascarenhas Souto Alves)   (3/9/2003 10:35:43 PM)
An interesting work...this is my opinion.
37 Kazimierz Morski   (3/10/2003 4:40:44 AM)
Superb shot!:)K.M. (9,5)
38 MarioP   (3/10/2003 5:11:29 AM)
Original isn't that simple, but you made it! Great shot!
39 cjm   (3/10/2003 12:12:37 PM)
really nice work
40 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (3/12/2003 9:52:40 PM)
George ...the platform decking, particularly its color adds great visual interest along with the already great tones of the train. This is really dynamite to my eye! :O))
41 Jeanne Miller   (3/15/2003 4:52:28 AM)
Oh, what the hell. Another 10 ain't gonna mean nuthin'. Fabulous shot, George.
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