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author Sergei Samus (Serega to friends)
title castle party
date11/24/2011 6:24:13 PM
detailsSt. Michael's Mount, in Mounts Bay, UK
360 degrees panorama
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1 Sergei Samus (Serega to friends)     (11/24/2011 6:28:19 PM)
this is not a stitching glitch , this is how it really is :)
2 SVILEN67   (11/24/2011 8:03:26 PM)
kokaia y tebia camera?
3 Mark Polis   (11/24/2011 8:09:16 PM)
Terrific pano. And really crisp with excellent uniformity. Tad more contrast in this segment, maybe.
One of the more interesting pano's I've seen.
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SVILEN67   (11/24/2011 8:15:44 PM)
Excellent shot and work
5 B2O   (11/25/2011 1:09:24 AM)
Great Job Sergei. I appreciate your own comment on the possibility of spotting that stitching glitch. It's a real look a like but I believe I would not notice it because of the very wide angle with nice information.
Gr. Bas
6 Reda Danaf   (11/25/2011 2:04:38 AM)
Beautiful panoramic view well taken.
7 Helly (Helly and Graham Horrocks)   (11/25/2011 2:22:45 AM)
superb pano!

I dont seem to be able to upload any photos :( want to put my psthis photo on for Bert???
8 Zenonas   (11/25/2011 2:54:14 AM)
Fantastic and incredible work!! Great place for such panorama!
9 Reidar   (11/25/2011 5:18:10 AM)
Excellent work. Really don't know how you make it. How many pictures is this?
10 Lorraine54 (Don't worry be Happy and comment more)   (11/25/2011 7:20:46 AM)
Very cool image...
Top 10 Recommendation
Reidar   (11/25/2011 7:35:51 AM)
I forgot this one.
Top 10 Recommendation
CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (11/25/2011 7:59:03 AM)
beautiful! nice clean image, Spidey.
13 April (Cindy Metzger)   (11/25/2011 9:39:16 AM)
Terrific seemless pano of this interesting architectural study. So cool to view!
14 joe bellantoni   (11/25/2011 11:29:21 AM)
looks a little high on the right but well done for all the wonderful details.
15 Sergei Samus (Serega to friends)     (11/25/2011 11:36:27 AM)
#3 Mark Polis: Thanks Mark, I'll see if I can pull out some more contrast there
#4 SVILEN67:
#5 B2O:
#6 Reda Danaf:
#7 Helly(Helly and Graham Horrocks):
#8 Zenonas:
#9 Reidar: Thanks Reidar, I don't remember exactly how many, but definitely more than 10
#10 Lorraine54(Don't worry be Happy and comment more):
#12 CherylB(so long and thanks for all the fish! :)):
#13 April(Cindy Metzger):
#14 joe bellantoni: thanks Joe, by "high" did you mean overexposed or the actual height?
Thanks everyone for your nice and constructive comments :)
Top 10 Recommendation
Ad   (11/25/2011 1:28:43 PM)
Really great panorama !
17 herman blockx   (11/25/2011 1:56:14 PM)
very beautiful work! very good job on stitching this one together ; I bet this was a great party ,
18 Ruud (they just ain't worth it)   (11/25/2011 5:27:42 PM)
Hope you didn't get wet feet going back to the mainland ;-)
19 joe bellantoni   (11/26/2011 10:36:09 AM)
by high I mean tilted...
20 Sergei Samus (Serega to friends)     (11/26/2011 12:51:57 PM)
#19 joe bellantoni: Joe, it's difficult to say, if you compare the top parts of the same chimney far left and far right, they are roughly on the same level, if you judge by the horizon, yes it is tilted, but I'd say it's rather curved but since we see only the left part, it gives us the impression
Top 10 Recommendation
incult (Marius Caragea)   (11/28/2011 9:51:36 AM)
amazing work. there's so many things going on...
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