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author Boulatov Dmitry
title this forgotten melody...
date10/25/2013 6:31:28 PM
detailsCanon 5D Mii
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blinks: 59.755score: 8.328voted: 23

rank: 39comments: 13viewed: 20445
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1 Reidar   (10/25/2013 7:08:54 PM)
Love it!!
2 Boulatov Dmitry   (10/26/2013 1:12:53 AM)
#1 Reidar: thank's
Top 10 Recommendation
Hania (Anna Franek)   (10/26/2013 1:44:15 AM)
Fiddler on the Roof? :)
Great idea and its realization.
Love it too!
Top 10 Recommendation
Sreten   (10/26/2013 3:18:03 AM)
Wonderful composition and great portrait.
Top 10 Recommendation
Wessel-130766   (10/26/2013 5:11:54 PM)
Agree with all above. Top shot
6 Koduck   (10/27/2013 12:32:41 AM)
WOW! Great comp, colors and marvelous light with the tones of her skin just stunning.
marvelous work here.
Top 10 Recommendation
rafal_antoniuk   (10/27/2013 3:09:04 AM)
Excellent work! One of your best!
8 Boulatov Dmitry   (10/27/2013 4:38:47 AM)
#3 Hania(Anna Franek):
#4 Sreten:
#5 Wessel-130766:
#6 Koduck:
#7 rafal_antoniuk:
Thank you very much for stopping and for a high estimation.
9 joe bellantoni   (10/28/2013 4:16:08 PM)
soft and dreamy...excellent
10 Boulatov Dmitry   (10/29/2013 11:45:07 AM)
#9 joe bellantoni: thank's
11 Hania (Anna Franek)   (10/29/2013 3:40:30 PM)
Congratulations Dmitry on the first place!

And welcome to the club - you got famous "7,7" from tomaabov, only the highest rated images are honoured in this way :)
12 tomaabov   (10/30/2013 4:58:58 AM)
Personal for me this image is nothing special.

Hania...and what is your problem, how i give scores on images? This is my decision and so it will be. This scores are available here and i'm gonna use them. If you cannot live with it, report me to admin and request ban for me, but, i believe you need a good reason.
All you can do is lick ass to get comments and scores and complain all the time if something is not like you want. "Tomaabov do that, Tomaabov do this, blah, blah".

Think about yourself first Hania, for me you are one of biggest reasons why i stopped here.
13 Hania (Anna Franek)   (10/30/2013 10:30:30 AM)
#12 tomaabov:
I usually do not reply to rude comments but think that the issue is important.

Everyone here has the right to use and should use the whole scale of assessments (we do not talk about people who do not speak English or do not use basket system). The problem is - how we use it.
You regularly choose the pictures with the highest scores ( I could attach the long list of examples of mine or Redar's pictures, recently also Arne's top shot and now Dmitry's great work) and give them the lowest possible score without any comment.
By acting in this way you play unfair and that is why I am not going to stop pointing it out.
If you want to play fair - do show the essential, serious arguments why you do not agree with the high assessment of the other experienced photographers. Saying: "Personal for me this image is nothing special. " is not an argument.

Now a few words about my way of commenting. In the earlier message you called it: hypocrisy. Yes, in most cases I intentionally write about the positives of an image although I also see the negatives. However, the balance between the positives and negatives is carefully taken into account in the management of my basket and it is always reflected in the order of photos in the basket. Despite the limitations of the assessment system and my own inabilities - I try to be honest. I have nothing more to say on this subject.

And Tom, do not try to shift the blame on me for your own problems - it just does not work.

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