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author Hania (Anna Franek)
title Norway in landscape format
date5/7/2013 3:06:54 AM
detailsLofoten - an archipelago located in North Norway.
Until mid-April there was a very deep snow - people said that it was the biggest snowfall in 50 years. So it will be a very snowy series :)

Your feedback is deeply appreciated :)
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Version #1 (5/7/2013 3:06:54 AM)
Initial submission
Version #2 - current (5/7/2013 1:57:25 PM)
As suggested by Bas, Wessel and Tom.
1 Ray Griffiths ( )   (5/7/2013 3:25:40 AM)
Absolutely beautiful. (I'm coming to Norway in July, so save some snow for me!)
2 Brites dos Santos (Artur JBS)   (5/7/2013 6:57:52 AM)
Good reflections.
3 Reidar   (5/7/2013 7:19:00 AM)
Beautiful picture with Greta reflections.
4 B2O   (5/7/2013 10:05:00 AM)
Wonderful Hania. This is real TOP!
Gr. Bas
5 B2O   (5/7/2013 10:45:11 AM)
Maybe I would clone this out Bas
6 Hania (Anna Franek)   (5/7/2013 12:21:52 PM)
#1 Ray Griffiths(There's no peas for the wicked): I tried not to trample all the snow but why did not you tell me earlier? :)))
#2 Brites dos Santos(Artur JBS):
#3 Reidar: Your fatherland is wonderful!!!
#4 B2O:
#5 B2O: It is also my problem/question but I feel that this place gives a better balance for the entire composition so I am not sure what to do... Thank you!

Great thanks for your comments!
7 Wessel-130766   (5/7/2013 12:35:13 PM)
Excellent shot Anna. I guess you had a wonderful vacation. I also would clone out the spot pointed out by Bas. see my example
example image >>
8 tomaabov   (5/7/2013 1:32:00 PM)
Beautiful image, nice mountains reflection. Wessel's example for down right is very good :)
9 Hania (Anna Franek)   (5/7/2013 2:04:34 PM)
#5 B2O:
#7 Wessel-130766: Wonderful nature around, good light and the camera - bliss :)))
#8 tomaabov:

You are right. Thank you for the help very much!
10 kiki c   (5/7/2013 2:41:42 PM)
very crisp and clear
11 joe bellantoni   (5/7/2013 5:50:56 PM)
this is beautiful! Why does the reflection look pixelated here maybe it ripples that make it look that way.
12 Hania (Anna Franek)   (5/7/2013 7:44:04 PM)
#10 kiki c: Thank you Kiki!
#11 joe bellantoni: Yes, there are ripples (I have checked it in the RAW file). I am very glad you like the picture.
In Norway each time when I wanted to choose portrait format in landscape photography - I carefully checked all different possibilities :))) Think that my photography has profited from it ...

13 rafal_antoniuk   (5/7/2013 11:26:16 PM)
Beautiful view!!!
Nice to see your work again :)
Top 10 Recommendation
Sreten   (5/8/2013 1:10:49 AM)
Beautiful view, great snowy landscape with very nice reflection.
15 Hania (Anna Franek)   (5/8/2013 4:36:47 PM)
#13 rafal_antoniuk:
#14 Sreten:

Thank you very much!
Nice to be with you all again :)
16 Yosi Helmann   (7/29/2013 9:47:33 AM)
Like the view with relections
17 Mark Vaintroub   (8/31/2014 1:01:16 PM)
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