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author Paladin3
title Arrest
date12/7/2000 3:09:12 PM
detailsHalf of a husband and wife team suspected in a string of bank robberies is taken into custody by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies in Palmdale, CA. FBI officers staked out the home of a suspect's mother and suprised the couple when they arrived for a visit. The couple reportedly grabbed their infant daughter, seen here being taken to safety, using her as a shield to keep deputies from firing at them. The woman eventually convinced her husband to surrender. I could not see the husband being arrested from my vantage point. Shot with a Canon F1, Canon FD 300/4 and 100 speed fuji print film. The negative had to be enlarged considerably and this is a flatbed scan from a print, pardon the reproduction.
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1 Sergei Samus (Serega to friends)     (12/7/2000 4:15:24 PM)
I want to thank you Paladin for sharing with us such a serious and powerful jounalistic work. No matter how creative we are in our setups, life gives so much more to offer. Outstanding composition, multilayered story. Here is crime and innocence, guns and care. Coming together with a story it gives us even more food for thought. Outstanding.
2 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (12/7/2000 6:23:40 PM)
Paladin, I feel for the baby girl and from here it doesn't look like the rifle is needed but then I can't see beyond..and hopefully one would not shoot at an unarmed person...thanks for sharing...great work...
3 Jeanne Miller   (12/7/2000 6:54:35 PM)
Wonderful capture. Sergei said it all.
4 Paladin3   (12/7/2000 7:38:33 PM)
CherylB, the deputy with the shotgun is still covering the house because the have not yet made entry, searched and cleared the home. The idea is to make sure everyone goes home alive and remaining vigilant until the scene is cleared has saved a lot of lives.
5 Art Hill   (12/7/2000 11:22:21 PM)
Very powerful photograph. You have captured the idea of teamwork amongst the three cops very well. The contrast between the tenderness of the woamn holding the baby and the officer with the rifle is striking as well.
6 Roger Ranney (Don't block the shot)   (12/8/2000 12:37:24 AM)
This is a great capture, in more ways then one for all the reasons mentioned above. Unfortunatly I think we get a little jaded seeing so much of this in movies and TV that a photo like this loses it's real impact. Good job. 8
7 Bordo   (12/8/2000 12:38:40 AM)
The quandry,as I see it,is. Should the same criterior be used to judge all the photos submitted to this site?This photo,while dramatic, is very disjointed & without explanation ,wouldn't make a lot of sense. None of the cops seem to be connected,i.e. They're all doing things that appear not to be related to each other. You have a reasonablely passive scene but there's a guy towering over it with a pump action.I can see the the impact it would have with an accompanying news story. But as a photo in a competition? well.... these are just thoughts rattling around in my head, no correspondence will be entered into.
8 Paladin3   (12/8/2000 2:01:52 AM)
I agree with what you're saying, Bordo. What's missing is the few moments before this, when the child was handed off. Stupidity on my part kept me from capturing that moment. I slowly clicked away as the woman walked backwards to the waiting deputies when the drive on my Canon F1n stopped because I hadn't reset the counter and the camera thought it had reached the end of the roll. I had to reset the counter and turn the drive off and back on to resume shooting and the hand-off had already occurred. The reason I was even using the counter was because the drive also liked to tear sprocket holes on the film towards the end, resulting in several images stacked on one frame of film. Two frames after this image the motor did just that and nothing else I shot was printable. Working with unreliable gear is the worst. The shot-gun deputy is covering the house the suspect had just exited, but his attention out of the frame does not help the shot any more than the woman headed out of the frame with the baby does. Good catch on the problems with this shot.
9 Paladin3   (12/8/2000 2:04:40 AM)
BTW, Bordo, did you expect me to send you hate e-mail and whine and defend my image? Wait, don't answer that, as it could be considered a correspondence. ;~)
10 Zygfryd Homonto   (12/8/2000 3:10:40 AM)
Life - sometimes f... life.
But still life.
11 Bordo   (12/8/2000 4:49:22 AM)
The hate email has actually stopped & I get a lot of idea transference similar to your corrospondence that I'm not entering into. There are some lateral thinkers out there that would rather debate than condem, but there are still the others that.. well that's another story. I thought the rescue shot was a better story teller, no dialogue necessary...... he thought to himself.
12 Gary Martin   (12/8/2000 6:51:50 AM)
I have to agree with Bordo, taken out of context, this photograph doesn't tell the story the way that your "rescue" post did. He's right in that it is effective photojournalism for a news story, but without the text, you have to wonder if this was posed for COPS or something... As for the technical problems with the camera... they should have had the pool cameras fixed and working for the guys that drove 'em!
13 Jeanne Miller   (12/8/2000 8:35:05 AM)
I hate to disagree with our obviously learned photo critics, but I do not believe the disparate elements of this image weaken its effectiveness. On the contrary, the trust exhibited by this well-coordinated teamwork is amazing and the tension is heightened as the viewer is caught up hoping the trust is justified. The man with the pump action obviously has the job to defend. He's poised, super alert, ready, willing and able. The nurturing cop shows by her expression that her trust is sufficient to erase all fear for the benefit of the child. And the prisoner taker's trust enables him to concentrate precisely on his task of handcuffing. No one is glancing over his shoulder. The team is perfect. And so are the baby and her mother. Maybe the handoff moment would have been better. No doubt it would have demanded less from the viewer. But this photo demands more and ultimately, gives more.
14 joanne22   (12/8/2000 9:14:55 AM)
I have to agree with Jeanne. No apologies necessary for the scan, it is excellent. Cops can't bargain with alleged bank robbers, a serious federal offense, and the perpetrators can be very dangerous. Example: the North Hollywood shoot-out, where lives were lost. Glad it was only the camera that had trouble that day.
15 Richard Nowak   (12/8/2000 3:25:19 PM)
"perpetrators"?? Joanne must be a cop - the only people I know who use this word. :o) (just kidding). I liked this shot when I first viewed it but hearing the viewpoints others have on it has been great. Thanks for instigating it Gary (Bordo) and the response from Paladin to keep it going. Thanks folks!
16 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (12/8/2000 6:00:33 PM)
The thing about this photo that I found extremely out of place, through no fault of your own, was the officer leaning backwards with the shotgun! I am quite sure that a shotgun should be leaned into. After assimilating the initial drama, his pose seemed almost comedic to me (without degrading the heroic action of the officer for just being there), and became a distraction just considering the photo alone. This seemed out of place and wrecked the shot for me! Because of that, plus the necessity of the the text to fully understand the goings on .... 6.75 ~ Roland
17 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (12/8/2000 6:02:31 PM)
The voting screen wouln't let me enter the 0.75, so I voted "7" ~ Roland
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