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author Hania (Anna Franek)
subjectTheme Day
title A gift for my grandson
date5/10/2013 1:43:05 AM
detailsI took this shell for my six years old grandson. It was late evening when I arrived from the airport and Cris was lying in a bed. "Cris, I have a present for you. But it's not just an ordinary shell. It is a magical one because this shell saw real Northern Lights" - and I showed Cris the pictures from my camera. "May I put the shell on your little table?" Then I heard his frightened voice: "Grandma, it will be better to give it to my father."

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1 Sasha Pezelj   (5/10/2013 2:37:29 AM)
Funny story, nice photo.
It seems to need a bit ccw rotation...
2 Egbert M. Reinhold ( )   (5/10/2013 4:16:06 AM)
Very, very nice photo.
3 Elisabeth   (5/10/2013 5:30:25 AM)
Beautiful capture, beautiful story! I like especially the lines leading through the photo!
4 B2O   (5/10/2013 6:32:29 AM)
Nice picture Hania with Nice colors. I like that shell and that spot of reflection. And way down that light spot in THE sky.
Thank you for participating.
Gr. Bas
5 Wessel-130766   (5/10/2013 6:33:50 AM)
Wonderful shot Anna. Great compo with the shell
6 Hania (Anna Franek)   (5/10/2013 6:43:55 AM)
#1 Sasha Pezelj: Great thanks Sasha! You are right -it seems to need ccw rotation but there was a special topography and imo in fact the horizon lines were not horizontal.
#2 Egbert M. Reinhold( ): Many thanks!
#3 Elisabeth: Thank you very much!
7 Zenonas   (5/10/2013 8:01:35 AM)
Fantastic shot, Hania!
8 Ad   (5/10/2013 8:12:55 AM)
A magical present indeed.
9 incult (Marius Caragea)   (5/10/2013 8:51:12 AM)
amazing picture, good story.
10 luna   (5/10/2013 10:23:52 AM)

Nice photo
Piekny luk gorskiego wybrzeza
11 rafal_antoniuk   (5/10/2013 12:35:38 PM)
Very nice landscape capture. Great entry.
12 Brites dos Santos (Artur JBS)   (5/10/2013 3:37:29 PM)
Good tone and reflections
13 Sreten   (5/10/2013 4:17:59 PM)
Excellent composition and great entry.
14 Hania (Anna Franek)   (5/10/2013 4:49:47 PM)
#4 B2O:
#5 Wessel-130766:
#7 Zenonas:
#8 Ad:
#9 incult(Marius Caragea):
#10 luna: Cudnie zrobilas te ptaki! Gratulacje!
#11 rafal_antoniuk:
#12 Brites dos Santos(Artur JBS):
#13 Sreten:

I am very grateful and deeply appreciate your comments.
15 Reidar   (5/10/2013 5:28:35 PM)
Great . Love the shell.
Top 10 Recommendation
Sreten   (5/10/2013 5:36:00 PM)
Excellent composition and great entry.
Top 10 Recommendation
Boulatov Dmitry   (5/10/2013 10:28:17 PM)
excellent colors and mood
18 tomaabov   (5/11/2013 11:13:49 AM)
Beautiful image.
19 Hania (Anna Franek)   (5/11/2013 12:15:14 PM)
#15 Reidar:
#16 Sreten:
#17 Boulatov Dmitry:
#18 tomaabov:

Thank you so much!
20 arinas74   (5/30/2013 9:33:41 AM)
This is beautiful!! the lighting, the tones, the composition, and specially the shell in the foreground. Amazing work!
21 Vadim Shirokov   (6/1/2013 4:30:15 PM)
Ideal composition. And colors:)
22 Hania (Anna Franek)   (6/4/2013 3:37:01 PM)
#20 arinas74:
#21 Vadim Shirokov:

Thank you very much!
23 saeed (Saeed Hasanabbasi)   (6/22/2013 2:30:23 AM)
Amazing work !
24 Kenn Reay   (11/29/2018 5:02:35 PM)
Hi Anna. I met you many years ago on Skye. And just coming back to Photoblink. This is beautiful. Kenn
25 Hania (Anna Franek)   (12/10/2018 4:28:37 PM)
#24 Kenn Reay: Hi Kenn. I remember our meeting on Skye very well. How nice to meet you again. Anna
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