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author Martynas
subjectPhoto Art
title Dark Moods of the Dark Lake
date8/7/2007 4:09:51 AM
detailsTwo Authors here: it is Me, your humble servant, and a beautiful lady on the photo - Hoai Minh, thanks for her!

Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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Spanworm relatives olericulture cowardly cuproplumbite. Conichalcite mujahedin standpatter. Playgroup rebirth, obsess. Stellate.

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1 Kristinele   (8/7/2007 4:18:27 AM)
2 Yan M   (8/7/2007 4:29:09 AM)
wish she look into the butterfly and her hand stand out more of the bg . Just two tiny things which imo not really make any different of this gorgeous mood of work Martynas.
3 Cardiff   (8/7/2007 4:32:54 AM)
You took Joe's advice and found something. Beautiful and intriguing!
4 Martynas   (8/7/2007 4:44:48 AM)
#3 Cardiff: I did it long before Joe's advice Cardif. And I like the previous pic as much as this. Question of taste, you know. The mood of traquility, silence, near to "dead planet" mood was the point of yesterdays pic - any subject would distract. This is different pic and different mood. And many pics yet to come - bad and good, dark and light, colourful and black, pop and not.
5 DorisJ (from land below the wind)   (8/7/2007 4:45:57 AM)
I like this image very much, excellent tone and absolutely beautiful.
Top 10 Recommendation
Wim Lassche   (8/7/2007 5:04:31 AM)
Excellent PS work on your yesterdays wonderful picture!
Like the blue shiny colortone and mood in this image, though you did a great job here.
For my taste I would clone out the butterfly for a more stronger image and the lady stands a bit high in the upper frame in the composition. But nevertheless love it!!
7 Martynas   (8/7/2007 5:12:15 AM)
#6 Wim Lassche: thank you Wim! Yes I was thinking about it - does the butterfly add something or not? At the same time it is a bit distracting, but at the same time it softens a bit that very dark mood. So let's see what others say......
8 Gaga (Dragan Babovic)   (8/7/2007 5:23:37 AM)
Beautiful and poetic work.
9 jank   (8/7/2007 5:41:10 AM)
Nice mysterious mood. I think it's better without the butterfly, or the opposite: make it stand out more.
Top 10 Recommendation
Vovec   (8/7/2007 5:45:10 AM)
Excellent job, I like this tones and composed! Very well done!
11 Sreten   (8/7/2007 6:12:20 AM)
Artistic level of this creative shot. Beautiful composition and soft tones.
12 Christopher Azzopardi   (8/7/2007 6:30:17 AM)
Very creative work. I really like it. Well done!
13 Zenonas   (8/7/2007 6:49:01 AM)
Fantastic and very poetic work. About butterfly I agree with Wim.
Top 10 Recommendation
blu   (8/7/2007 6:53:37 AM)
must become POD. super shot with so much feeling and emotion in it. congrats!!
15 Lorraine54 (Don't worry be Happy and comment more)   (8/7/2007 7:04:07 AM)
Love it...moody and dramatic, and very good PA.
16 Lorraine54 (Don't worry be Happy and comment more)   (8/7/2007 7:04:23 AM)
ps..I kinda like the butterfly..;-)
17 Trajano (( hard as a rock))   (8/7/2007 7:43:37 AM)
Lot of potencical but actually this one doesn't work for me. Maybe you could fix some "noisy" areas. The image seems very spottedto meand that might hurtthe shot, IMO. Regards.
18 Geralyns Creations (just plain ole me! )   (8/7/2007 7:51:07 AM)
Artistic, creative, beautiful, it is you! But for me the butterfly seems to be distracting and out of place.

19 Martynas   (8/7/2007 8:01:42 AM)
#6 Wim Lassche:
#17 Trajano(( hard as a rock)):
#18 Geralyns Creations(Queen of Saturation ): so most probably we will need to get rid of it!:)
20 ChrisC (Christopher Cove)   (8/7/2007 8:05:01 AM)
Great shot!
21 Amuletum ( )   (8/7/2007 8:45:05 AM)
I love the little butterfly.
22 Rick Seufert (? )   (8/7/2007 8:45:39 AM)
Leave the butterfly. That's what makes it art to abstract. It's the last thing you would expect in this picture.
23 Tomel   (8/7/2007 8:53:04 AM)
Top 10 Recommendation
Rudi Van Gestel   (8/7/2007 8:56:41 AM)
A very Ruud-esque image!!!
Only might not have been too centered here, and also,I don 't like some spots in the sky! They really look too distracting!!!
Spot on mood created here!!!
Great, Martynas!!!
25 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (8/7/2007 9:05:00 AM)
I would like to see her lower and a bit smaller, I like it but liked the original maybe more.. :)..agree to lose butterfly

26 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (8/7/2007 9:05:35 AM)
..or change the tone of the butterfly to fit..
27 Martynas   (8/7/2007 9:12:18 AM)
#20 ChrisC(Christopher Cove):
#21 Amuletum(I've been a member of PB since 10/2001):
#22 Rick Seufert(FRx100 ):
#23 Tomel:
#24 Rudi Van Gestel:
#25 CherylB(I'll never be a bitchy trampoline):

Thank you! I will clean the sky and deal with butterfly a bit later, a bit busy now!:)
28 Jolanta ByliniaK-K.   (8/7/2007 9:32:39 AM)
I love the mood here..absolutely great...but forgive me, will be picky;-)...sorry, have not read the above comments deliberately not to be influenced be, if some of my remarks were already made above-I am sorry...Do not treat my words as the words of critique...treat them only as my suggestion-as I truly love the idea of this image, and would like to see it perfect...
1) the lady-she is great-just she is either too big, or placed a big too high as I definitely miss more space above her head
2) butterfly-love it...and love it tone differnt from the overall tone-just she is not looking at him-which this image somehow asks for-thus I would place this butterfly on her dress, eg somewhere here..and maybe even would flipped that butterfly so he was somehow facing her...I just see her looking at her dress with such natural jewellery;-)
3)there is some small problem with her left hand, thus I would remove these cloudsas they interact with that hand too much..or maybe put a butterfly in that hand(?);-)
I truly encourage you to work on this image a bit more as this is absolutely great idea, and with your skills- "fixing" may take not much time...Warm hugs, Jolanta
Top 10 Recommendation
Jolanta ByliniaK-K.   (8/7/2007 9:30:46 AM)
Truly love the mood of this image...needs some more PS work, but the idea itself is great, thus my top ten recommendation...Warm hugs, Jolanta
30 Joliveira (Rick Xavier)   (8/7/2007 10:09:49 AM)
My feeling: just a crop and Cheryl´s thought about the butterfly (orange or red tone).
Great image.
Thanks for sharing! ;)
suggested crop >>
31 Martynas   (8/7/2007 10:25:32 AM)
#6 Wim Lassche:
#13 Zenonas:
#17 Trajano(( hard as a rock)):
#18 Geralyns Creations(Queen of Saturation ):
#25 CherylB(I'll never be a bitchy trampoline):
#28 Jolanta ByliniaK-K.:
#30 Joliveira(Rick Xavier):
example image >>
32 Ralfs World () ()   (8/7/2007 10:28:36 AM)
Nice one, ditto Cheryl and Rick X.
33 Wim Lassche   (8/7/2007 11:11:11 AM)
#31 Martynas(The Fourflusher ): Yes, much better now!!
34 Reidar   (8/7/2007 11:35:47 AM)
Agree with Rudi, cheryl and Jolanta here.
Is this dust?
She is to big and to much in center..
Great PS work!!
35 mims_   (8/7/2007 12:03:36 PM)
Wow,wow,wow...what a has Gotic mood...and i like it a lot...hugs!
36 Hassan (Hassan A)   (8/7/2007 12:55:35 PM)
Very good work here Martynas , like it all , only here how I see the framing as personal tast , Regards
suggested crop >>
Top 10 Recommendation
PatriciaP (Hope pb aliases will stay off other sites)   (8/7/2007 1:23:40 PM)
I like Hassan's crop which off-centers the lady more for a nice composition. I like the butterfly but think it could be a bit smaller so as not to compete with the beautiful model. Wonderful tones and amazing work...we could all learn from you! My fave so far today.
38 ELLI DIMITRIOU   (8/7/2007 4:00:05 PM)
Everything seems to have been said already. A wonderful idea. I also agree with the extra space on top and off center crop. Best regards Elli.
39 Martynas   (8/7/2007 4:10:21 PM)
#1 Kristinele:
#2 Yan M:
#3 Cardiff:
#5 DorisJ(from land below the wind):
#6 Wim Lassche:
#8 Gaga(Dragan Babovic):
#9 jank:
#10 Vovec:
#11 Sreten:
#12 Christopher Azzopardi:
#13 Zenonas:
#14 blu:
#15 Lorraine54(SL'ing... .):
#17 Trajano(( hard as a rock)):
#18 Geralyns Creations(Queen of Saturation ):
#20 ChrisC(Christopher Cove):
#21 Amuletum(I've been a member of PB since 10/2001):
#22 Rick Seufert(FRx100 ):
#23 Tomel:
#24 Rudi Van Gestel:
#25 CherylB(I'll never be a bitchy trampoline):
#28 Jolanta ByliniaK-K.:
#30 Joliveira(Rick Xavier):
#32 Ralfs World(Ralf Lukovic):
#34 Reidar:
#35 mims_:
#36 Hassan:
#37 PatriciaP(Say what U Like with a Smile):

I want to thank you all for your comments and suggestions! And I must say it was a hell of a workshop!!!:) Nice to see you all active and sharing your ideas, your point of view with me! I hope it will become a tradition!!!:)
40 PatriciaP (Hope pb aliases will stay off other sites)   (8/7/2007 4:21:31 PM)
#39 Martynas(The Fourflusher ):
What kind of workshop was it?
Top 10 Recommendation
THANTON (Thanos Antonelos)   (8/7/2007 4:24:56 PM)
very good!perfect mood!this scenery is well directed and yes,very good captured!the monochrome is just power for this!her body move is marvelous and the light is wonderful.
your pov is also perfect!congrats!
42 Elisabeth   (8/7/2007 4:36:11 PM)
Very interesting and very creative work with a great mood in the result!
I like Hassan's crop too and I could imagine this pic without a butterfly to concentrate the impression more to the lady.
But a picture as it is!
43 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (8/7/2007 4:49:40 PM)
44 Martynas   (8/7/2007 4:53:29 PM)
#43 CherylB(I'll never be a bitchy trampoline): I tell her!:)
45 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (8/7/2007 5:04:00 PM)
#44 Martynas(The Fourflusher ): oops a typo..

a big congrats to Hoai Minh too! a beautiful lady
46 Martynas   (8/7/2007 5:09:38 PM)
#45 CherylB(I'll never be a bitchy trampoline): You are the Fourflusher too!!! Typo.... LOL!!!!
47 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (8/7/2007 5:10:43 PM)
#46 Martynas(The Fourflusher ): hahahaha..shhhhh!
Top 10 Recommendation
KAROLOS TRIVIZAS   (8/7/2007 5:46:47 PM)
Very creative photo art work Martynas with nice atmosphere.
Technically excellent editing.
Top 10 Recommendation
herman blockx   (8/8/2007 6:06:41 AM)
congr. on a great shot! very poetic and at the same time minddisturbing!! love it a lot!
50 Kazimierz Morski   (8/8/2007 7:46:05 AM)
Ditto all above! :)K.M.
51 Martynas   (8/8/2007 7:58:30 AM)
#50 Kazimierz Morski: LOL!:)
52 David Foster   (8/8/2007 5:40:30 PM)
a true photosynthesis ~ dramatic, dynamic, style-laden
Top 10 Recommendation
David Foster   (8/8/2007 5:40:53 PM)
a true photosynthesis ~ dramatic, dynamic, style-laden ~ brilliant work
54 George Oze   (8/8/2007 10:50:01 PM)
Good effect and nicely done.
55 Martynas   (8/9/2007 5:47:33 AM)
#52 David Foster:
#54 George Oze:

Thank you!
56 kael |empty shell|   (11/13/2007 7:31:51 PM)
top of the pict. is 2 short - just a little bit :)
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