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  1. CherylB (10/26/2004 10:47:51 AM)
    Izzy, this is did a good job on this. I'll keep an eye on it and see if I can suggest anything. This should be a fun project :)
  2. perplex (10/26/2004 10:54:14 AM)
    Heh, cheers C :) Spent quite a sizable amount of my office time at work scratching my head and editing this!
  3. btezra (10/26/2004 11:23:33 AM)
    ~I am quite intrigued Izzy, and I am more than willing to put a good mount of thought and personal reflection into this...~
  4. KateWossner (10/26/2004 12:00:24 PM)
    Music and two favorite hobbies...I always love to link pictures with songs...
  5. blu (10/26/2004 12:16:48 PM)
    told ya, I'll be in :-)
  6. perplex (10/26/2004 12:20:56 PM)
    Yay! Just added some translated versions at the top. They won't be 100%, but for those that visit here whose first language isn't english, it should help at least a little bit :)
  7. MarioP (10/26/2004 1:14:17 PM)
    Count on me!
  8. Karrie Austin (10/26/2004 2:02:54 PM)
    Sounds great! I'm already racking my brain for a really good one! :)
  9. Terry Forrest (10/26/2004 3:14:53 PM)
    It sounds intriguing, Izzy and music has always been one of my passions. I don't usually participate in the special contests, though, and not too sure I'd be able to come up with anything that would fit. I would participate from a commenting and voting point, though, as I usually at least do that.
  10. Bas Haasnoot (10/26/2004 4:19:16 PM)
    Defenitely! This can be very inspiring!
  11. SirnesPhotography (10/27/2004 6:48:44 AM)
    I love the idea. Very often songs come in mind when trying to find suitable titles to my photos. Photos and music are all about feelings, and go very well together. Count me in.
  12. Amuletum (10/27/2004 10:15:37 AM)
    Great idea and well executed, Izzy. I'll be thinking about how I can contribute and participate.
  13. Sergei Samus (10/28/2004 2:21:51 PM)
    This is a very good idea, I'll certainly schedule the contest to go live soon
  14. perplex (10/28/2004 5:21:55 PM)
  15. Yuri Bonder (10/29/2004 1:47:11 AM)
    Very very NICE
  16. ckldybr (11/6/2004 7:56:54 AM)
    I can hardly wait. I have lots of ideas. Congrats Perplex.
  17. 4wd (11/6/2004 8:08:36 AM)
    Sounds like a good idea.
  18. LindaY (11/6/2004 7:19:00 PM)
    This sounds challenging and interesting. I also love both music and photography!
  19. perplex (11/7/2004 2:18:35 PM)
    Wow, you take a few weeks out to plan a round-the-world journey and look what happens in your absence!

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