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  1. Richard Nowak (8/5/2003 9:42:44 PM)
    "Perfectly Exposed" is evidently the wrong way to describe what is wanted per the description of this photo contest. It seems to me that more entries have been disqualified in this photo contest than the sum total of all disqualified entries from all the prior contests.
  2. Amaro da Silva (9/3/2003 11:22:21 AM)
    OPorto Night IV (Cityscape) I would like to know why my photo has been suspended. I can show the Fuji-superia 100 negative film.
  3. Ching T Lai (11/13/2003 7:15:50 AM)
    Hello I recently submitted a photo "Evening at Southwold Pier" for the "Long Exposure" competition but it has been suspended for voting. I am curious why that happens as it is an original image taken on Fuji Velvia slide, scanned to digital using a Nikon IV ED scanner. I read the rules but could not work out why it was suspended. I would be grateful if you can let me know the reason. Thanks //Peter Lai

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