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Those of you, who loved splashing around in puddles and jumping about in the rain, probably still don't experience fear towards getting wet now. Instead of speeding for shelter, you take a grab at your camera, and head right outside, as you know that breathtaking results can be achieved when photographing in the rain. contest details

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The finalists of all PhotoBlink contests.
The first summer rain by danichev
 Water dance  by Yuri Bonder
Itīs a rainy day by Claudia F.
Soaker by jreilly
Rain by Kazimierz Morski
Sun Shower (repost) by Nev
Sunshine through the rain by SirnesPhotography
Ribeira by Claudia F.
Painted by the rain by Kazimierz Morski
On Goes the Rain Gear, Just Another Day by jreilly
Biathlon Determination by jreilly
After rain by JM FERRER
moving in the rain by Korina
rhytm by Zenon Drabik
Night Prowler by Hans
Mutual Respect? by jreilly
Rain in Denmark by Lehd

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