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The best photographs are often the simplest. The challenge here is to take a single vegetable and make the best image possible using only the vegetable, and fine lighting, composition and creativity. contest details

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Show us a view of a vegetable we have never experienced (be careful where your mind wanders here!), or give us a classic 'master' presentation. This contest relies less on equipment and amazing subjects than on the raw talent and creativity of the photographer.

Your job: Photograph a single vegetable (not a group, a herd or a cluster... just one vegetable) in any manner you choose. The vegetable should be the obvious centre of interest in the photograph. For this contest we will use the 'traditional' definition of a vegetable. Technically, things like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers are actually fruit (anything that has seeds or comes from the flowering part of the plant is a fruit), but for this contest, if it is 'traditionally' thought of as a vegetable it will do fine. So pick a vegetable and get shooting! Good luck.

For classical examples visit the page of one of the most influential American Photographer of the Twentieth Century Edward-Weston

For some more modren interpretations see:

FL4095, Shun Sasabuchi; Yellow Zucchini, Diced
P.Austring; Corn on the Cob, Lit

This contest was prepared by Darwin.

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