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Curves and Shapes

Let your inner eye see things to photograph that show, in a balanced and perhaps beautiful way, the Curves and Shapes that exist almost everywhere. contest details

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Graceful curves or shapes such as triangles, boxes, rectangles, and lines for the composition elements are the theme of this contest. Simplicity can work for gracefulness, while more complex shapes can make very unusual images.

Textures and Shadows can play a big part in the composition and form; and the photographs for submission can be in color or B&W. This contest will be based on these arrangements, can include either man-made or naturally occurring subjects, or combinations that clearly demonstrate the theme.

Some example are spirals such as staircases, the lines of sea shell, a master's graceful woodcarving as an architectural element, the curves and patterns of ocean foam on the beach waiting for the next incoming wave, the curving swept-shape of an old fence made up of it's rectangular parts, children's play sets in a playground, reflective images that show graceful forms, or even oily, swirly patterns in water or on a driveway. How well can these or your own ideas combine to produce an exceptional photo? Stay within the theme and best of luck in this contest!

by Wolfgang Drung by NancyO
by Terry Forrest by ryenke by mbighin

This contest was prepared by archera (Roland DiSabatino).

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