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Wild Nature in Action

A contest that forces classic photography (analogue and digital) as well as quality improvement by computer rework. Manipulations are not allowed though. contest details

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Wildlife Affairs

Wildlife Affairs - your Specialist for trips and packages around the world - offers online consulting services and distribution of Wildlife and Cultural Traveling for individualists and single travelers as well as for private groups. All packages are especially designed for enthusiasts and photographers. Wildlife Affairs will get you to the right place at the right time!

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A contest that forces classic photography (analogue and digital) as well as quality improvement by computer rework. Manipulations are not allowed though.

We are inviting all photographers to participate in this contest, attractive prizes are waiting for the winners. Digital or analogue, black and white or in colour, we are only paying interest on the motive and conversion.

What we want
Exactly what the title expresses: Nature in Action (landscapes, animals, interactions of animal/human or animal/environment, animal/animal, even flowers - presented in a different way than usual, human/environment). Simply pictures with something special that SHOW something!

Photo usage
Wildlife Affairs reserve the right to show submitted images on their websites (, on the websites of their distributors, and in their catalogues and printed material in the context of news, articles or content concerning Wildlife Affairs collaboration with on this contest. Wildlife Affairs also reserve the right to distribute submitted images as part of press releases regarding this contest. Wherever possible, images used in the above contexts will be credited to their authors. Any other use or intended use by Wildlife Affairs of images submitted to this contest will be subject to prior agreement and approval by the individual authors, who will be contacted on a case-by-case basis.


We accept both b/w and color
No manipulations (crop, remove of minor scratches etc is ok, but no manipulations in the way of oversaturation, fake fotos)
Every Image is welcome, but Images showing special angles, good action or behaviour shots will have the best chances to advance. We only reject heavy manipulations, fakes and absolutely missing-the-topic-shots as there are - Family shots, Pets and regular flowers without any action shown! Please see the definition for more details!

Definition of "Wild Nature in Action"

Please pay attention to the words: "Wild" - "Nature" and "Action"

Every Image should contain at least ONE of this subjects (a thunderstorm can meet all three definitions). A mirror in a lake at least meets the subject "Nature", fighting Baboons in the Zoo meet the subject "Action".

Best chance for Images which show all three subjects, like fighting lions in the Serengeti plains, or a beautiful caterpillar in move in the nearby forrest, less chances for Images what show a sitting and sleeping finch in your garden, or your sleeping pet on the sofa.

We are interested in Images which show action, tell a story, make you thinking, show the beauty of nature and wild behaving. It can happen in the Jungle as well as in your garden, but it shouldn't be static and boring!


1st: Full Travel Package for Tanzanias' Northern National Parks (*)
2nd: 500$ Coupon (for Wildlife Affairs products)
3rd: 250$ Coupon (for Wildlife Affairs products)
4th: 100$ Coupon (for Wildlife Affairs products)
5th: 100$ Coupon (for Wildlife Affairs products)

(*) 1st prize: Full Travel Package for Tanzanias' Northern National Parks
Go on Safari to Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Manyara
Tour dates 2006 from January to December

A safari through the Northern National Parks of Tanzania is one unforgettable experience for all animal, photo and film friends. Your roundtrip takes you to areas like the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, whose names are connected with the large number of species in fauna and flora. In specially selected lodges you may rest after a day full of wonderful impressions and experiences. The package includes

- 8 days / 7 nights Safari from/ to Kilimanjaro
- you stay overnight in hotels and lodges
- food included
- Vehicle, driver, guide included

For 1 person - dates in 2006 - Journey starts and ends at Kilimanjaro Airport / Tanzania
not included: journey from/to Kilimanjaro Airport, visa and inoculations
Read the contest requirements

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