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Emotional Imagery of Music

Music as an artform has the ability to evoke strong emotions and mental imagery in a way distinct from other forms of art. These are images that are evoked in the authors by other artists music. contest details

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Music as an art form has the ability to evoke strong emotions and imagery in a way distinct from other art forms. Photography is also an form of art that is able to evoke strong emotions within people, and the aim of this contest is to unify the two, if just for a brief fleeting moment.

This is an opportunity to share with other likeminded people those special musical gems you keep close to your heart. Those feelings or images that would be hard to share with others, or would make you feel silly discussing in person with friends or family can be shared here.


Your brief is to take a piece of music (instrumental or lyrical) that has special meaning to you, or that has always evoked strong emotions in yourself, and to produce a visual document of that emotion or mental imagery. Visualise what the lyrics or music makes you feel and search out that image.

Please note, that this contest is NOT about taking pictures of music, bands, performing artists, or instruments. It's about the mental imagery that a special piece of music can strike up in your mind.

Clarification on what the moderators will be looking for:

  1. Name of the song and artiste(s) listed within the photo details
  2. The verse or chorus of the song that caused you to photograph the submission must be listed within the submission details.
  3. An explanation of what the image and lyrics means to you will be necessary in most cases unless the image is very succint and obviously related to the lyrics. This will be at the moderators discretion.
  4. The image will be relevant to the contest brief, and not detract from it in any way (if there is a very tenuous link between the song listed and the image posted, the moderators may or may not decide to delete your submission)
  5. ALL categories of photographs are welcome, from abstract to nature, from portraiture to photo art. However, the image must be predominately 'real' or/and 'photographed' and 100% computer rendered images shall not be accepted.

Examples & Ideas 




Letís Talk


"All your dreams are made, of strawberry lemonade

And you make sure, I eat today

You take me, walking.... where you played when you were young"


This song has always had the ability to make me stop dead wherever I am, and whatever I'm doing - and just think, and reminisce, and occasionally shed a tear or two. People that have been important to me in my life, and that I've lost contact with - how are they doing? Are they ok? Those random strangers that pop into your life for a fleeting moment and can touch your soul so profoundly that you rethink the entire way you've been living your life. Those childhood friends with whom you felt so safe, and that growing old was an impossibility that you'd never have to face. Oh to be so innocent again.


Open your hearts, and minds, and share.

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