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Pictures in Paradox

Photograph things out of place. Like an airplane on the interstate, of a car in the river,or a cat in a doghouse or a pelican in a shopping are some example photos of things I think fit the rules. contest details

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Picures In Paradox

Pictures in Paradox"...A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true, photos that are contrary, opposed, as in character or purpose. If possible please include why you think your photo fits the rules of this contest and let's make this fun

Here are some example of pictures that would be appropriate for this contest

have some fish in your net?
by Sergei

They do start early
by Trine

Whiskey On the Rocks
By Hans

For the purpose of this contest, and by way of clarification this is what the contest moderators will be looking for:

  1. The picture should have at least two major elements.
  2. The presence of these elements on the same image is so unlikely that they constitute a logical disbelief. The amount of this "dsibelief" will not be the basis for red flagging by the moderators, they just will look to see that disbelief is present.
Element 1: A cat.
Element 2: A mouse sleeping against the cat.

The important thing is that the disbelief results from a most unlikely combination. The combination of these elements should defy logic.

By way of further guidance, since Photography is about emotions, the photo shoud cause the viewer to say "Wow! this couldn't be happening!", or "I can't believe my eyes!'

The strongest photo will almost always be about things in real life, not ones that are composed because most of those will not have 'wow! I don't believe' but simply "wow, nice idea!"

Contest by CherylB
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