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T-Shirt Photo

Some images look better on T-shirts than others. Try to take a photograph which, in your opinion, makes an ideal T-shirt design. contest details

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Here, we have a new and fun contest for you, which tickles the imagination and is daring to the creative mind. Your challenge is to make a photograph which, in your opinion, would create the best T-Shirt Image. The theme is open, and you are free to implement any of your ideas.

The first 3 winners will receive a T-Shirt with their winning image printed on its front. These T-shirts will also contain the PhotoBlink logo on the back and an indication that the owner has won in the T-shirt Photo contest.

After the end of the contest, we will design a group of new products, containing the winning images, and we will sell these products for the limited period of 30 days in our PhotoBlink Gift Shop. The authors of the images will receive 50% of the profit from the sales of all the items with their images.

Don't limit your imagination to just T-Shirts. Please have a look at all the items which we sell in the PhotoBlink Gift Shop. If you think your photograph will look best on another one of our products, you can indicate this, when submitting your photograph!

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