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Love is in the air

Show love and friendship with your photos! Please read the CONTEST DETAILS with rules before you submit. contest details

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 Contest design by Barbara Moore and Hans Claesson



Love is all around us. Often demonstrated with a touch, a look, or action. The goal of this contest is to present the essence of loving relationships. Whether they be with beloved animals, or humans. The key is to show the caring and love of these relationships. Not sexual desires, but love of the purest kind. Use you camera to show us love and friendship.



Prizes for the final winners

First place:        $100 photo equipment (Item+shipping=$100)

                           Educational Book - Portraits or Digital Landscape

                           PhotonArt T-shirt

                          10 PhotonArt Greeting Cards 


Second place:   Educational Book - Portraits or Digital Landscape

                           PhotonArt T-shirt

                                 10 PhotonArt Greeting Cards 


Third place:      PhotonArt T-shirt

                          10 PhotonArt Greeting Cards 




The strongest power, the highest level of energy and maybe the real meaning of life?

Love can give you strength but also cause pain, try to capture it in a photo.



Can humans and animals actually understand each other and be real friends? 




    Young and old. Humans and animals. We all can feel and communicate.




Get out there and try to get a good shot!



Read the contest requirements

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