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Shadows in Black and White

Shadows ... they are with us every day. They follow us, intrigue us, and mimic our actions relative to a light source. The purpose of this contest is show our constant companions, our Shadows, in a way that can be interesting and unusual. The contest photos with the Shadows as the Subject should show a strong awareness of their existence. The challenge of the contest is to illustrate how Shadows can singularly be used in this art of photography to be a dominating center of interest, and not only a complimentary effect. contest details

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Interesting Shadows of course may be shocking, OR can show extreme distortions that have produced interesting amd quizical compositions, OR maybe even comic-like with the casting of hand-puppet shadows on a wall. Curved surfaces on to which a shadow is cast may also produce strangely distorted effects.  If a little story can be told by the Shadow, or Shadow/Object combination ... so much the better.  For example, a Shadow that had the apprearance of a girl or Princess kissing a frog, could be excellent. :O)


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