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OKO Tech Mirrors and Reflections Contest

OKO Technologies invites all Photoblinkers to submit their photos to OKO Tech-sponsored Mirrors and Reflections contest. contest details

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OKO Technologies is a manufacturer of MEMS deformable mirrors and adaptive optical systems. The company also produces and markets software for optics design, diffraction analysis and hologram synthesis.


OKO Technologies invites all Photoblinkers to submit their photos to OKO Tech-sponsored contest.

Mirrors and Reflections

'Red Vision' by Dany Pedro OKO Tech
Dear PhotoBlinkers,  regardless of whether you are professional or amateur photographers, give this contest a thought. This time the task will be to produce an image that would tell a story with an unusual twist. Set your mind free, let your imagination fly. Find a paradox, and a mystery of the mirror and share it with us in the OKO Tech-sponsored Mirrors and Reflections contest.

President of OKO Technologies Dr. Gleb Vdovin

First Prize
Gitzo G1027 Mk2 Mountaineer Sport Carbon Fiber Tripod
The new Gitzo G1027 carbon fibre tripod weighs less than 800g (1.75 lbs) and is only 45cm (17.7 in) long; so light and compact you'll hardly notice it, but strong and stable for a secure footing in extreme environments. It has all leg sections in carbon fibre and head castings in aluminium, and  carries up to 3kg (6.6 lbs) loads.
Second Prize
Domke-F2 Original Camera Bag 
The bag that started it all. Jim Domke had the first one custom made for his own use in 1976, and tens of thousands of bags later, the F-2 is still the most popular Domke Bag. It is the faithful companion of professional photographers around the world.
Ideal For: 2 cameras with or without motor drives, 6-10 lenses up to 300mm, flash unit, 10-20 rolls of film, and accessories.

Third Prize
128 Mb Lexar Flash Card
You can never have too much memory. An extra 128 Mb can make a big difference.


What do we do at OKO Technologies?

We offer flexible modular adaptive optical systems with 19 to 79 control channels with mirror apertures 15 to 40mm. Deformable mirrors can be coated with bare metals such as Aluminum and Gold and with 99.8% HR coatings for 1060nm, 98% broadband metal/dielectric coatings for 550-1000nm, centered at 800nm, protected aluminum coatings optimized for 266 to 350nm range and other types of coatings on request.

FrontSurfer is a set of components designed to be custom-configured into a precision wavefront control system. Systems for optical shop testing, laser technology and adaptive optics can be configured.

Holomaster II is a program to design a wide variety of computer-generated holograms, holographic laser beam splitters in particular. The current version is capable of five different types of holograms.

To learn more about these and other products manufactured by OKO Technologies please visit our site.


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