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Panning is a technique that enables you to create a sense of motion in your photographs by opening the shutter while you are moving the camera. A moving subject can remain essentially stationary in the viewfinder of your camera if you move the camera with it at the same speed.

There are essentially two main panning technique methods:

  • Angular movement of the camera when the photographer is stationary while following the movement of the object with their camera.
  • Linear camera movement parallel to the movement of the subject. The camera moves along with the subject of interest.
  • Here are some examples of successful panning shots that were submitted to the PhotoBlink Mainstream Competitions.

    Flight Watch, by Sergei Samus Angular panning (Sergei Samus)
    Spinning, by Darwin Curcular camera movement panning (Darwin)
    Leap Of Faith, Lachlan Rex Angular panning (Lachlan Rex)

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