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Ecological Threats To Our Planet

Ecological threats photographs shall demonstrate the cause and/or effects of enviromental hazards to our planet. contest details

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There has never been a more critical time for being concern about our environment. From the huge floods that ravage eastern Europe, China and Central America, to the giant pollution cloud looming above eastern Asia, nature reminds us every day that our planet is choking under the consistent negligence and aggression of the human race.


Eutrophication, by Larry Korhnak



This contest aims at using our photographic skills to reflect the desastrous impact of mankind on our environment. Submitted photographs should illustrate various aspects of environmental issues caused by the human race on our planet. Here are some examples of applicable subject for this contest:

  • Gaz pollution emanated by industries.
  • Desertification.
  • Floods.
  • Forest Fire.
  • Nuclear Disaster.
  • Illegal dumping.


Stark, by Darwin

If you feel like sharing your frustration about the lack of respect from governements towards our environment, or if you want to show environmental problems that affect your area, then this contest is for you! Get your camera, and submit your best photographs!

Ecologically yours,





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