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Strangers in the street

People meet each other, and pass each other by. They lose each other, and will after that never find one another again. contest details

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by Sergei Samus by Andy Laycock
The very moment a person leaves their house, and sets foot upon the pavement, they become one of the many walking along the streets of the city. Everyone has their own thoughts, their own destinations... The people don't know each other, they're strangers. They walk past one another, without even noticing it.

Among them, some special individuals or groups of those can stand out, be it because of what they're doing or wearing, how they're walking or in which surroundings they're situated. Such characters can often be very interesting subjects for photographs.

Make an attempt to eternize these unusual passers-by on film.  Communicate their mood, their personality through your photograph. Let the spectator live that moment you caught on film together with the photographed person. Make an image that will evoke strong reactions.

by Elcio Paraiso

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