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Still Life

A still life is photograph, made up of a single or group of objects arranged in the author's intentional way to produce a pleasing image when considering primarily the composition and lighting. contest details

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by Mealha by BIGA

Many areas of photography depend on being at the right place, at the right time, with the right light, and sometimes-quick reactions are needed. Other times a lot of patience pays off to photograph things that often are not totally within the author's control. But with a Still Life, all the needed controls are within the grasp of the photographer to enable the author to be inventive and depict the subject(s) just as envisioned. A good imagination helps with the composition, and technical skills or keen eye for lighting can make or break the impact of the photograph.

A Still Life's objects can be as "as found" or "changed" to produce a pleasing composition. Many times we find ourselves rearranging an object or a piece of furniture to make a room in the house, or a display shelf look more pleasing... This is our sense of composition at work. It is this inner eye that we can now call on to design or develop a great photo within this theme. Again, please keep submissions to this contest within the theme. Any descriptive commentary that may be appropriate is also encouraged. Best of Luck to all!

The images are links to past PB entries that show the concept, and to perhaps give some ideas. They were chosen as examples of a Still Life, independent of their scores.

This contest was prepared by Roland DiSabatino (archera).

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