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Reflections are ubiquitous, be it found in the hubba-hubba gleam of polished Harley doo-dads, in the sparkling accoutrements of a fire engine, in the distorted world of a garden gazing ball, in the inner intricacies of delicate machinery or even in the microcosm of a raindrop. contest details

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by Alex Oudalov by Larry Korhnak
Distorted reflections can give your image that final touch that it needs to make it interesting. Apart from that, they can also be photographed alone, becoming the main subject of the photograph.

Usually flat, reflecting surfaces, such as windows, mirrors or calm water, are the only way one can obtain an undisfigured mirrored image. The reflection becomes distorted by any other surface. (Colour alterations, imperfections of the surface, perspective adaptions, form twists, etc. can hereby occur).

Distorted mirrored images can be acquired on any shiny surface. However, the best results will on the whole be acquired when using neutrally coloured (for instance, black or grey), shiny or wet objects.

When photographing reflections as a main subject, keep in mind that the colour changes, produced by the reflective surface, may be very acute. It's also important to make sure that the amount of provoked visual distortion is adequate.

by Lela
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