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Those of you, who loved splashing around in puddles and jumping about in the rain, probably still don't experience fear towards getting wet now. Instead of speeding for shelter, you take a grab at your camera, and head right outside, as you know that breathtaking results can be achieved when photographing in the rain. contest details

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by Larry Korhnak Rain is no ordinary subject. It seems to have a strong influence on our surroundings. The colours alter, the expressions on peoples' faces change. It even has an effect on our thoughts and moods.

by StudRider And that's what this contest is all about - showing the rain through the mood it evokes, and the events that take place in the rain. Some of us feel sad, some happy. Some find that rain gives a mysterious effect, while others are miserable, and impatiently await the sun's rays. Try to express what rain means to you through your photograph. Add elements that will support your idea.

After all, when it rains, so much happens what we don't see otherwise: wet umbrellas moving along the streets; people running for cover, with water dripping off their hair by GB and clothes; drops of water sliding gently across the glass; concentric circles on the puddle surfaces; cars driving along the roads, splashing water over the angry pedestrians; bikers falling on the slippery paths; intimidating strikes of lightning...

Please desribe the applied techniques as detailed as possible.
Protect your photographic gear properly, and good luck!

by Sergey PavlovNote that this contest if for photos, taken during the rainfall. Images, photographed before or after the rain do not belong here and may therefore be removed. The streams of rain must be evident, and it must be clear to see that it is raining.

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