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Emotions surround us and often define our world. Capture the essence of emotion through photography. contest details

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We invite you into the complex and dramatic world of human emotions.

Emotions became one of the signs of humanity and are a necessity for the survival and well-being of the human race. Bright, expressive emotions attracted attention of scientists, writers, and artists. We ask you to capture the essence of emotion through photography.

Use a subject that portrays human emotions. Emotions are powerful and are displayed everywhere. Photograph happiness, interest, surprise, fear, anger, disgust, sorrow etc. This is not an easy task. Sometimes it is a stroke of luck, other time you would have to wait long to get the desired result.

Aleksey Stepanov-russian tankist, by Kaptilkins Humor party in prison "Kresty", by Sergey Maximishin

Mother worried, by Haim Ziv ENLIGHTENMENT, by Kaptilkins I probably deserved it, by Jay

This contest was suggested by ckldybr (Barb or Cake Lady).

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