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(to Ix Ray)

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Comment by Sreten(5/16/2018 6:29:19 AM) - Good composition.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(4/28/2018 5:15:17 AM) - Well perceived.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(1/28/2018 6:06:34 AM) - You have excellent "photographic eye"!

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(1/15/2018 10:44:15 AM) - Agree with Sreten.

Comment by Sreten(11/23/2017 11:58:58 AM) - Interesting.

Comment by Ix Ray(11/21/2017 4:18:23 PM) - Thank you Hannia very much!

Comment by Ix Ray(11/21/2017 4:17:10 PM) - Thank you GEORGE123.
Thank you Hannia.
I see your best intentions

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/12/2017 4:22:21 PM) - Sorry for the mistake - of course: in a good light.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/12/2017 3:57:39 PM) - Definitely this is not a huge disaster. Very well seen is a good light. Propose a different crop.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/12/2017 3:47:17 PM) - You have a good photographic eye!

Comment by GEORGE123(8/10/2017 8:24:38 PM) - i do not understand what is this
extremely poor composition
very fake colors

cell phone picture

... u guys continue voting for this piece of art

Comment by GEORGE123(8/10/2017 8:14:00 PM) - -- THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN REMOVED --

Comment by GEORGE123(8/10/2017 8:13:02 PM) - huge disaster

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(11/30/2016 3:54:45 PM) - Fascinating pic.

Comment by The Last Mohican (Linas The Amused One)(11/17/2016 7:05:23 PM) - Nice place, nice lolors. Agree regarding framing...

Comment by Safa(11/15/2016 5:07:43 AM) - Maybe with crop :)

Comment by The Last Mohican (Linas The Amused One)(11/7/2016 5:40:44 PM) - Nice colors Ix-Ray! and good composition seems to me

Comment by The Last Mohican (Linas The Amused One)(11/4/2016 5:31:42 PM) - Beautiful, I like it much

Comment by Susanne (Susanne Eftevand)(9/13/2016 4:12:52 AM) - Perhaps more dynamic With a Crop Down and more Space at the top ? Beautiful colors !

Comment by Susanne (Susanne Eftevand)(9/13/2016 4:09:21 AM) - -- THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN REMOVED --

Comment by The Last Mohican (Linas The Amused One)(9/4/2016 3:15:27 PM) - what a great shot, black spot almost replicates form of the butterfly, wow

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Zenonas(8/21/2016 6:57:56 AM) - Quality is not very good, I think, needs more work to this photo, but congrats.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(8/14/2016 7:03:36 AM) - Nice shot. Good colour and clarity.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/6/2016 10:53:36 AM) - A great and comical moment! I didn't immediately see it until I saw the title you gave the shot. Is there anything you might have done to bring that event forward?

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/5/2016 11:47:18 AM) - Please take this as a constructive critique. My hope it for all of us to be pushed into being more intentional in our art. Here are some questions I try to ask when taking a photo. What do you think separates this photo from a "snap-shot" taken by a casual member of the audience? How do you feel this image was composed in such a way as to bring something more to the image than what the event itself already brings? What can it add to the story? It's certainly a good photo for remembering and recording the setting of this performance, but I think a great photo must do more than just that.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/1/2016 11:43:25 PM) - Wonderful juxtaposition of old and new! I wish the shadows were lifted a bit more in the old house.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/30/2016 10:36:23 PM) - Good and sharp in the buildings. I wonder if you tried to lift any details out of the bird? Honestly, I can't decide if the bird is too distracting or not. I'd be tempted to take it out.

Comment by The Last Mohican (Linas The Amused One)(7/29/2016 7:43:04 AM) - What a colour interchanges!

Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(7/29/2016 2:44:31 AM) - An interesting play of colour and line, I feel though something is missing, something to anchor it. An aquatic animal, perhaps.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/28/2016 11:57:18 AM) - Those vans have no wheels!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/26/2016 12:28:08 PM) - Good handling of shadows, but I think this area is blown out.[^214;408;1] Composition leaves my eye wandering a bit.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/22/2016 8:16:21 PM) - The dark sky looks ominous, as though that back hoe is getting ready to do some damage to the house...

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/22/2016 9:37:21 AM) - #4 Ray Griffiths( ): It certainly helps I think.

Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(7/22/2016 4:09:26 AM) - I think a tighter crop might highlight the intention. See attached.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/22/2016 3:02:23 AM) - #2 Ray Griffiths( ): Agreed! I hope you don't feel I'm being too critical, but I remember starting out in photography just how much I learned from the comments I received here. It was months and months before I saw a score above 7.8, and rarely did someone vote without also leaving a comment. I'm hoping to pass on that same experience. The format here on Photoblink is unique even if not as spit shined as another site I believe you and I are both on. (I wish there was more critical commentary there as well, though some really top notch work!)


Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(7/22/2016 2:44:37 AM) - Keeping this site alive is the most important issue, personally I'm happy to see every post that lands here. Too many have dropped out to make an issue out of whethet an image is good or bad though constructive criticism is never a bad thing as long as things don't escalate.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/21/2016 7:20:40 PM) - Ray, This has some great elements. Eye-line for example. It calls for the viewer to wonder what they are looking at. Sure there are some technical issues I think, for example the red jacket is perhaps over-saturated and therefore pulls my eye to the jacket where I think I want my eye pushed out of the frame. But from a story telling point of view, there's much more going on here, but I also think you can do better and better if you constantly evaluate your work. Did you choose the high perspective on purpose? Would it be more effective from a lower angle, or stronger if you had an angle where we saw a little more of their eyes? What if we almost felt like we could see what they are seeing reflected in their eye? Would that be stronger?

I'm not saying there's anything wrong in any of your work. I'm letting you know what I (and likely others) see in your work. If you are not happy with the message being communicated, then you keep trying until you get the feedback you are looking for. The power we have as photographers is to bring the "essence" to the forefront so others see the essence as well.

Cheers, and again, thanks for engaging in discussion!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/21/2016 6:59:00 PM) - #2 Ix Ray: I do play guitar, and there's nothing particularly phenomenal to see in this performance as you've presented it. If I am not seeing what you see, then let me know what it is you want the viewer to see. Maybe I can offer suggestions to make it more clear. As photographers we all want to convey something, and our art is only successful to the extent that we acheive this. Hopefully we bring something to the results a non-photographer with a smart phone would not. This way our art serves to open minds.

Thank you for engaging in the discussion!

Comment by Ix Ray(7/21/2016 6:25:37 PM) - Bottle random selection.
Yours infinite goodness.
Do you play guitar?
Do you understand what you see?
It is not always the brightness, contrast, composition prevails.
Some of the images to be seen with open brain.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/21/2016 11:10:40 AM) - I'm just not seeing any of the creative aspects I'd expect in a conceptual photo. (i.e. an unusual point of view, perspective, interesting leading lines or a particular mood, etc.) It's a good snapshot I suppose, but really, other than advertising for the whisky company what was the concept here?

(I don't mean to be harsh, but I try to justify my votes with a comment as to what I'm seeing in a shot. This used to be a community full of critical but helpful comments. It seems people just vote to be able to post. I miss the more thoughtful discussions that helped me improve my work.)

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/18/2016 12:11:49 PM) - Good title for this image! I love the concept. It looks like this shot suffers from a lot of jpeg compression noise? I wish I could see it in its full sharpness and resolution...

Comment by Ix Ray(7/16/2016 9:06:37 PM) - Yes, Stuart, yours example picture is more colorful. When I made this shot, day was dark and gray. In mine picture color are enhanced, but near natural.
I apologize for the cross tops.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/16/2016 10:49:36 AM) - I like the way the building is framed. I think some work to bring out the colors in the building would really help the subject stand out. Nice depth of field allowing the cross and building to both be in focus. I wish the top of the cross had not been cut off, however.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/15/2016 10:40:44 PM) - #3 Koduck: Thanks! I see what you mean. I especially like how the detail is brought out in the blue areas, which are really lost in the original. I appreciate your taking the time.

Several years ago I was very active on this site and learned a lot from the detailed comments and critiques on the site. It seems quite a bit less active these days. I hope that will change. (My wife is sick of hearing me talk about photos so hopefully this can satisfy that need... )

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/15/2016 5:15:28 PM) - I see why you took this shot, it's an attractive subject but I feel it get's lost in the background a bit. I'd love to see this perhaps shot much closer and with a wide open aperture to blur the background a bit and help the rose stand out.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/15/2016 5:09:43 PM) - #3 Koduck: What would you do? (It'd be great if you downloaded this image then posted an example...)

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/15/2016 3:01:59 PM) - #2 Ix Ray: I hope you weren't offended by my comments at all. In the past Photoblink has been a great place to get and give constructive criticism, which I've always valued and enjoyed. It seems these days the community is much less active. (I've been away for some time...) Thanks for being on Photoblink.

Comment by Ix Ray(7/15/2016 5:26:10 AM) - Yes, Stuart, you may be right, but - let it be...

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/14/2016 5:49:45 PM) - I'd be tempted to try the "de-haze" slider in lightroom to try and get the structure to pop a little more. This hedge in the foreground is a distraction to me, but perhaps bringing the building out of the haze could help this shot?

Comment by Koduck(7/12/2016 11:50:47 PM) - Nice shot but colors look a bit flat.
Some work in post could make this image pop.

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