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(to Roberto Andrade)

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Comment by Roberto Andrade(8/10/2014 6:17:50 PM) - #1 Sreten:
#2 TW_Bda(Tim White):

Comment by TW_Bda (Tim White)(8/7/2014 2:50:10 PM) - Great concept and I really like Sreten's crop - well caught.

Comment by Sreten(8/5/2014 2:22:55 PM) - Wonderful composition and colors. This is my crop suggestion. Best regards

Comment by Gene Brumer(7/12/2014 3:34:01 PM) - Awesome!!!!!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Naseer Fedaee (Kindness Cost Nothing..)(6/28/2014 2:45:17 AM) - Excellent Work

Comment by Mark Vaintroub(6/22/2014 5:38:19 PM) - Excellent shot

Comment by Sreten(6/22/2014 4:19:13 PM) - Very picturesque portrait of this interesting Uruguay national team fan.

Comment by Sreten(6/22/2014 4:18:20 PM) - Wonderful double portraits with plenty of details.

Comment by Zenonas(6/22/2014 4:11:58 PM) - Masterly taken, great pov and happy moment!

Comment by Zenonas(6/22/2014 4:08:22 PM) - Wonderful portrait of this uruguayan fan!

Comment by Roberto Andrade(6/21/2014 7:24:23 PM) - #4 Sreten: Me too! :)
#5 Reidar: Thanks Reidar!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Reidar(6/21/2014 6:48:29 PM) - Agree with Sreten. Great portrait!!

Comment by Sreten(6/21/2014 6:19:39 PM) - Striking portrait. I would like to see his face after the loss vs. Uruguay!LOL

Comment by Roberto Andrade(6/21/2014 3:00:47 PM) - #2 Zenonas: Thx Zenonas. He's not a soccer, he was just desperately trying buy tickets!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Zenonas(6/21/2014 2:41:09 PM) - Very interesting portrait from the socker world cup!

Comment by Zenonas(6/21/2014 2:40:22 PM) - Very interesting portrait from the socker world cup!

Comment by Roberto Andrade(6/21/2014 1:25:12 PM) - #6 Sreten:
#7 Reidar:
#9 B2O:
Sreten thank you, not even Brazilians we remember all these names! lol
Thanks all!

Comment by B2O(6/21/2014 12:29:49 PM) - Great crowd image. I like it.
Gr. Bas

Comment by Reidar(6/21/2014 12:00:53 PM) - #6 Sreten:
Do you have all this name in your head!!??

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Reidar(6/21/2014 11:59:55 AM) - Very good HDR picture.

Comment by Sreten(6/21/2014 11:37:09 AM) - Very attractive journalistic shot nicely processed. Great overall clarity and details on the crowd. Good job Roberto bit I am a fan of the Brasil national team from Mexico 1970 which is one of the best in the history of Football World cups. Felix, Carlos Alberto, Brito, Piazza, Everaldo, Clodoaldo, Gérson, Rivelino, Jairzinho, Pelé, Tostão *Head coach Mario Lobo Zagalo). Best regards.

Comment by Roberto Andrade(6/21/2014 11:11:45 AM) - #4 Geordie(Dean Wilson): Yes, HDR of PS6. Thank you Geordie!

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(6/21/2014 11:07:14 AM) - Is this HDR? The clarity is amazing!

Comment by Roberto Andrade(6/21/2014 11:05:04 AM) - #2 Zenonas: Thanks Zenonas! Its ok, "Brasil" is correct!

Comment by Zenonas(6/21/2014 10:57:55 AM) - Sorry! For Brazil!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Zenonas(6/21/2014 10:56:02 AM) - Thank you Roberto. Great, actual shot, very good POV. Good luck for Brasil!

Comment by B2O(2/17/2014 12:26:24 PM) - Great detail work. And this [^42;187;1] is where my wife and daughters come home with after a day shopping. What did you do there in Sao Paolo:) For me it has a "X" factor.
Gr. Bas

Comment by Roberto Andrade(2/16/2014 5:13:50 PM) - #4 joe bellantoni:
#5 Elisabeth:
#6 Wessel-130766:
Elisabeth, i think he was writing something :)

Comment by Wessel-130766(2/16/2014 3:39:32 PM) - Like the portrait. Wondering what he is doing

Comment by Elisabeth(2/16/2014 2:54:48 PM) - Great portrait which tells a story!

Comment by joe bellantoni(2/16/2014 12:58:07 PM) - sharp clear portrait with lots of character

Comment by Roberto Andrade(2/16/2014 12:52:11 PM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(I'm building an Ark):
#2 Mario Dias:
Thanks guys!

Comment by Mario Dias(2/16/2014 12:04:01 PM) - What can I say about this image?
Amazing is enough?

Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(2/16/2014 9:41:02 AM) - Excellet detail, he has a much lived-in face

Comment by Jeanne Miller(2/14/2014 12:19:03 AM) - I love the original. It has more snap. More presence. The second version is rather more of a snapshot--cluttered at that.

Comment by B2O(2/13/2014 12:01:25 PM) - #1 Sreten:
#5 Roberto Andrade: Thanks Roberto. That's exactly as I thought you meant it.
Sorry Sreten. I wrote Reidar but meant Sreten. Many excuses I do not want to alternate you with any other person. Many excuses.

Gr. Bas

Comment by Roberto Andrade(2/13/2014 11:56:40 AM) - #1 Sreten:
#3 B2O:
#4 Ray Griffiths(I'm building an Ark):
Thanks all for comments! Try see it like an art, almost an illustration, another way to see some scene. I dont want here show the reality, but change it. So im not worry with the skin or anything like that, but with a language for more kind understanding. Best day PB friends!

Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(2/13/2014 11:09:19 AM) - Not keen on the effect HDR has had on skin tones, particularly the two ladies in the foreground. Perhaps it could be toned down here. Also a slight cw rotation, I think.

Comment by B2O(2/13/2014 10:45:30 AM) - I Like the 2nd more Roberto, but I do believe like Reidar it is a personal thing. Great scene.
Gr. Bas

Comment by Roberto Andrade(2/13/2014 9:44:40 AM) - Thanks Sreten, its intentional here, i believe the scene ask for this. Anyway, see a version with less HDR, its very nice too! Thx

Comment by Sreten(2/13/2014 9:17:02 AM) - Excellent street scene with wide palette of characters. My only nit would be too strong HDR in some areas but it is only my opinion. Best regards.

Comment by Roberto Andrade(11/3/2013 7:19:10 PM) - #1 Sasha Pezelj:
#2 Hania(Anna Franek):
Thanks Sasha n Anna! I wrote an article about the "Magic City", founded by an english enginner, the drem place of photographers. I ll post the link soon. Regards!

Comment by Roberto Andrade(11/3/2013 7:13:02 PM) - #1 Reidar:
#2 Hania(Anna Franek):

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/3/2013 4:56:58 PM) - Agree with Sasha.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/3/2013 4:55:04 PM) - Well seen :)

Comment by Sasha Pezelj(11/1/2013 11:05:47 AM) - Nice captured light.

Comment by Reidar(11/1/2013 5:55:48 AM) - Nice toning!

Comment by Yosi Helmann(7/15/2013 2:34:25 PM) - Graet

Comment by Roberto Andrade(7/10/2013 7:20:29 PM) - #1 joe bellantoni:
#2 Yosi Helmann:
Muddy? Nice crop too Yosi, thx

Comment by Yosi Helmann(7/10/2013 2:25:06 PM) - Nice idea. Try my crop.

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