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(to lindsay marie cooper)

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Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Zenonas(8/10/2016 3:49:26 AM) - Very interesting, cool picture!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by DAT (Davey Towers)(8/18/2015 5:16:02 AM) - Grrrreat image Lindsay, I'm expecting Crocodile Dundee to come pick his boat up lol, regards

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Zenonas(8/16/2015 7:46:56 AM) - Very beautiful b/w shot! Great texture and tones, shapes, sharpness...

Comment by Sreten(8/9/2015 5:29:26 AM) - Beautiful colors.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(8/5/2015 2:50:04 AM) - Stunning impact

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by DAT (Davey Towers)(8/5/2015 2:32:07 AM) - Lovely colours, nice DOF Lindsay. Well done

Comment by Boulatov Dmitry(8/2/2015 1:10:46 PM) - nice landscape

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by DAT (Davey Towers)(7/30/2015 3:32:16 AM) - Well seen, nice POV, well done

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Zenonas(7/30/2015 2:32:41 AM) - Beautiful summer landscape.

Comment by Wessel-130766(7/29/2015 4:40:23 PM) - Nice shot

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Zenonas(4/3/2015 7:17:47 AM) - I like here the simplicity and the concept of dark mood...

Comment by lindsay marie cooper(3/26/2015 6:09:34 PM) - thank you all for your comments and i do agree and understand what your saying

Comment by Wessel-130766(3/24/2015 4:25:41 PM) - Agree with all above comments.

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(3/22/2015 12:33:04 PM) - Great advice from Bas and I don't have much to add save that I would like to see the pics posted a little larger....say 900-1000pixels on the long side.

Comment by B2O(3/20/2015 3:07:33 PM) - Hi Lindsay, you followed the rule of thirds in your composition and Ray made a good improvement on the shadow details. This image would work better in a serie. Only this picture is like the title "Just some trees".
I don't want to offend you but will be honest and encourage you to make more images. Most important is enjoying the fun in photography yourself.
Hope to see more from you.
Gr. Bas

Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(3/20/2015 5:08:03 AM) - Nice composition, Lindsay, but it's a bit dark. See attached.

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