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(by Ix Rayto Ix Ray)

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Comment by Ix Ray(11/21/2017 4:18:23 PM) - Thank you Hannia very much!

Comment by Ix Ray(11/21/2017 4:17:10 PM) - Thank you GEORGE123.
Thank you Hannia.
I see your best intentions

Comment by Ix Ray(7/26/2016 3:52:21 PM) - I think, Stuart is right.

Comment by Ix Ray(7/21/2016 6:25:37 PM) - Bottle random selection.
Yours infinite goodness.
Do you play guitar?
Do you understand what you see?
It is not always the brightness, contrast, composition prevails.
Some of the images to be seen with open brain.

Comment by Ix Ray(7/16/2016 9:06:37 PM) - Yes, Stuart, yours example picture is more colorful. When I made this shot, day was dark and gray. In mine picture color are enhanced, but near natural.
I apologize for the cross tops.

Comment by Ix Ray(7/16/2016 8:49:17 PM) - What I can say... If you want to show only sunny day, your picture is very god. But if you want I will see yours native land, there are too much light. I'm sorry, if you wanted to show something different.

Comment by Ix Ray(7/16/2016 5:03:43 AM) - Too bright om my monitor...

Comment by Ix Ray(7/15/2016 5:26:10 AM) - Yes, Stuart, you may be right, but - let it be...

Comment by Ix Ray(7/10/2016 10:22:27 AM) - Thank you, Zenonas!

Comment by Ix Ray(6/27/2016 5:19:10 PM) - I see. Well.

Comment by Ix Ray(6/15/2016 5:46:38 PM) - Thanks, Koduck.
But is done...

Comment by Ix Ray(5/19/2016 4:08:13 PM) - Thanks, Ray :-)

Comment by Ix Ray(5/13/2016 12:06:51 AM) - Thanks, Koduk.

Comment by Ix Ray(5/8/2016 11:36:33 AM) - Yes, Ray, thanks very much!

Comment by Ix Ray(5/8/2016 6:30:42 AM) - Thanks, Zenonas!
Thanks, Redar!

Comment by Ix Ray(5/7/2016 1:21:41 PM) - Yes, Ray, it was initial idea.

Comment by Ix Ray(5/1/2016 4:34:32 PM) - 4 grades of blossom on one branch. Thanks, DAT.

Comment by Ix Ray(5/1/2016 12:09:14 AM) - The summer. 2015.

Comment by Ix Ray(4/28/2016 3:43:00 PM) - To DAT, To Sanad: Thanks, boys, I`m glad - you look and see.

Comment by Ix Ray(4/14/2016 4:24:42 PM) - Infrared? Looks good.

Comment by Ix Ray(3/15/2016 5:29:28 PM) - Thanks, Ray :)

Comment by Ix Ray(3/13/2016 8:33:35 AM) - Clouds above the buildings and plane trails in the "Z" shape in the sky... Evening.

Comment by Ix Ray(3/13/2016 4:42:23 AM) - Thanks, DAT.

Comment by Ix Ray(3/11/2016 2:15:58 PM) - Yes, title show - I don`t know denomination of this plant...

Comment by Ix Ray(3/3/2016 4:22:17 PM) - Yes, Ray, thanks.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/28/2016 11:15:01 AM) - Thanks Ad.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/28/2016 8:14:46 AM) - Thanks Sreten.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/24/2016 2:33:20 PM) - Thanks Hania, thanks Sreten.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/24/2016 2:32:18 PM) - Thanks Sreten, thanks Hania.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/24/2016 2:31:14 PM) - Thanx Hania.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/24/2016 2:30:26 PM) - Thanks Les.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/24/2016 2:28:32 PM) - Thanks DAT.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/20/2016 3:09:17 AM) - Better. I`m voting again...

Comment by Ix Ray(2/18/2016 6:45:19 PM) - Thanks Ray, thanks DAT, thanks Sreten. And I find it very interesting. I like show it to everyone.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/18/2016 6:03:23 PM) - Swan in oil lake. (Sorry - impression.)

Comment by Ix Ray(2/18/2016 5:55:02 PM) - Bird as toy. Picture as post card.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/18/2016 5:45:51 PM) - I like it very well.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/16/2016 6:06:43 AM) - Thanks Hania, thanks Sreten. I am glad to be in yours interesting company.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/13/2016 8:03:24 PM) - It was my best......

Comment by Ix Ray(2/9/2016 3:08:53 PM) - Hania, Ray - Thanks for positive participation.

Comment by Ix Ray(2/5/2016 3:33:41 PM) - To DAT: I tried to do something good from something nothing. It is not my stile. My pictures is without artificiality. Except this.

Comment by Ix Ray(1/30/2016 9:34:09 AM) - To Sanad :
To Zenonas : Thanks to all of You!
To Hania :

Comment by Ix Ray(1/30/2016 9:31:49 AM) - # Thanks very much, Hania!

Comment by Ix Ray(1/30/2016 9:30:09 AM) - # Thanks, Hania!

Comment by Ix Ray(1/30/2016 9:29:03 AM) - # Thanks, Hania.

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