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(by Tim Pereirato Reidar)

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Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(5/30/2014 5:52:55 AM) - Did everyone miss this[^1347;20;1]? Looks like this was scanned out of a book...

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(5/14/2014 7:30:40 AM) - I guess these power lines[^1071;155;1][^1097;154;1][^783;181;1]are hanging in the air by magic...

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(5/14/2014 7:28:38 AM) - #5 TW_Bda(Tim White): Very nice!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(5/2/2014 11:56:44 AM) - It's little soft, pal and it's a little blue side too, :). Nice story though!!!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(5/2/2014 11:52:38 AM) - Nice one, I like this. Maybe a little too soft on the skin tone but still nice. I left you a little crop, maybe it works in a portrait crop too. Very nice BG too!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(4/13/2014 7:03:27 PM) - Not bad, I do like it! Only thing is these veins[^328;163;1] should go along with this line[^359;214;1]. Also, think you missed this[^-7;669;1].

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(3/28/2014 10:47:56 AM) - Love the effect you did to this, really nice work!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(3/28/2014 10:46:55 AM) - This is a Tri-Color Heron, not a little blue.

Nice pose but these guys are not this blue and this[^352;719;1]&[^30;786;1]are very distracting.

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(3/24/2014 10:31:11 PM) - I find the highlight in this photo WAY to bright, especially here,[^230;182;1]...

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(3/11/2014 8:24:09 PM) - Very nice I think it's time you start voting higher then 7.7.

There is a button under the Photo Info called my top 10. Click it then go to Manage my top 10. On that new page, drag the photo to where you want to rate it, 1 being the best, 10, the lowest.

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(2/16/2014 9:09:08 PM) - I might cut down on the saturation a little, the bridge looks a little red/orange, especially here[^409;499;1]
&[^299;439;1]&[^913;516;1], besides that, I LOVE THIS!!!!!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(2/12/2014 10:20:22 AM) - #30 CherylB(I only lie when I do not like your pic): Thank you!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(2/12/2014 10:19:42 AM) - #1 TW_Bda(Tim White): Nice edit, also like it the way it is too!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(2/11/2014 10:53:33 PM) - #26 darko:

I know the bible very well. It states not to lie to people. If I would praise your husband's pictures, which is the only thing you want people to do, I would be lying.

And remember, you are the one that called me a name, a bitter man, which I'm not. I'm a very happy person, just very, very blunt.

And, didn't you notice, no one came to your defense? People were trying to tell you that your husband was wrong with not replying to Wessel's critique. And you took offence to that. Sorry, I guess there are more blunt people here then just me....

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(2/10/2014 2:48:18 PM) - #24 darko: Yep, God does see my heart. I do remember one of the commandments saying, "thou shalt not lie", not, "thou shalt not lie, unless it's to make someone feel good"...

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(2/10/2014 2:12:20 PM) - #20 darko: I'm only bitter to the people that ask for my opinions then get mad at me for telling the truth.

Good bye and good luck with...what ever...yes, now I'm bitter towards you and your husband.

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(2/10/2014 1:16:49 PM) - #17 darko:

Very unfriendly? Really, I find we have been very nice to your husband. Me and a lot of others have been trying to help him take better picture, that's all. We are not insulting you, your husband or your son(I have seen pictures of him posted here) in any kind of way. We are trying to help him. But, when your husband does not return comments or thanks us for our time, that is very rude.

And, the people that know me in person knows NOT, and say again, DO NOT ask me what I think of a photo unless you want to know the truth. This young man came to me with a photo and asked what I thought. I told him, never ask me that unless you want to really know what I think. He said, yes, he wants to know. He gave me a pictures of a bird...a DEAD bird. I'm a bird photographer so what do you think I thought of the photo?? He has not spokening to me since...

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(2/10/2014 11:02:26 AM) - Excellent shot, Marius!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(2/10/2014 9:42:43 AM) - #8 darko: And, even though PB is almost dead, this is still a critiquing website. If you do not want people telling what's wrong with your photo, only post on Facebook or Flickr, you will get all pats on the back there...

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(2/10/2014 9:30:20 AM) - #8 darko: You are totally missing the point. My point is people are giving you advice and you enore it, thinking you are above the NICE advice people are giving you. You are spitting in their face by enoring them.

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(2/10/2014 7:11:53 AM) - #6 Lorraine54(Don't worry be Happy and comment more): All he wants is a pat on the back even though he does not listen to anyone. I guess he feels he is above critiques.

That's ashame you only replied to Ray's top 10 and not Wessel's nice critique, shame on you, Darko...

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(12/22/2013 9:29:49 PM) - Sorry, that photo was number one, I wonder how it fell from grace....

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(12/22/2013 9:28:39 PM) - #14 Sreten: Yep!!!!

#15 Reidar: And I do remember this pictures winning POTD multiple times. You can post a picture as many time as you like but when it wins POTD, it should never be posting again for votes. You have been here long enough to know that.

In fact, the number one picture in this stream IS A REPOST BY REIDAR!!!!!!

Here is the current number 1 photo:

Here is when and where the originally post was:

This person has a lot of you fooled but not all of use......

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(12/19/2013 5:43:20 AM) - Excellent, Ray, very creative and so sharp!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(12/13/2013 5:37:20 PM) - LOL, this is really funny looking!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(12/13/2013 11:08:40 AM) - This is excellent, Wessel, maybe set the thumb nail to this crop!!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/27/2013 1:06:03 PM) - #3 Hania(Anna Franek): Nice job!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/27/2013 12:01:10 PM) - First off, this needs to go[^359;55;1]. I'm not sure about the type of bottle but I will say, the flower needs to be more in focus and/or sharper, it's too soft for my taste. I would like this it that was the case.

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/26/2013 11:56:23 AM) - I 100% agree with Ray, this does not look right, with the top half being bigger. Also, the top half looks like it's exposed correctly while the bottom half is too bright, here[^525;350;1][^463;591;1]looks too bright. Cleaning up these[^962;590;1][^814;711;1][^265;686;1][^138;684;1][^176;645;1][^714;742;1]would help too.

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/23/2013 11:36:41 PM) - I actually find this too soft on my monitor...

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/23/2013 9:32:02 AM) - #1 B2O:
#2 Boulatov Dmitry:

You guys have great eyes, I did not see that at all!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/23/2013 9:30:20 AM) - I like this, nice feeling to it! Add a little contrast and see if it pops a little more. Not crazy about this area though[^1734;789;1].

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/19/2013 5:57:45 AM) - This looks really nice until you break it down, then, you see it needs more work in some places.

These lines,[^347;419;1][^196;432;1]should go to match the rest of the skin. If you are going glamour, then all the face should be smooth.

The double catch light is bad. I would not have added these[^199;403;1][^331;396;1]but lightened the natural ones[^196;395;1][^331;388;1].

A little sloppy work on the BG, looks like you blurred the BG out and this[^109;548;1]is the effect from it.

When you softened the skin, you softened the hair too. I would not do that, it looks softened here[^224;108;1]. There should be more texture in the hair. Do not sharpen the hair either, just leave it natural.

Whitening the teeth and eyes would help, only a little, make it look natural. Also, these little highlights in the teeth[^272;530;1]might need to go to, that just something I do, not everyone takes that out.

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/15/2013 8:59:54 PM) - I guess NO ONE sees the horrible PS work on the BG and NO LIGHT ON HIS EYES...

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/6/2013 3:51:48 PM) - Sorry, this needs more work, to bright on top and too dark on the bottom. Also, these might need to go[^702;397;1][^720;165;1][^699;70;1].

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/5/2013 5:28:24 AM) - #9 Reidar: Yep, that's to bad that Tom keeps voting you down. But, if you are so concern about voting, why did you vote luna's number 1 photo only a 7.9??

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/2/2013 11:44:54 AM) - One of the best shots you posted here, expressions are priceless!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(11/2/2013 11:44:25 AM) - I love this place, lucky you to get there at this time of year, really nice shot!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(10/19/2013 12:01:41 PM) - Really nice, love the golden colors too! Maybe clone these two spots[^526;438;1][^864;645;1]? They distracted me a little. Just nit picking, this is really nice!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(10/18/2013 10:11:29 AM) - #6 TW_Bda(Tim White): Hahahahaha, my thoughts too!

Really cool shot!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(10/18/2013 9:20:43 AM) - I really like this one, Ray, love those clouds!! Maybe fix this little bright spot[^686;691;1]with the patch tool in Photoshop. Besides that, really nice!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(10/9/2013 2:55:18 PM) - Their eyes are so sharp, nice work, Wessel!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(10/9/2013 2:48:22 PM) - Very nice scene but I do agree with Elisabeth about the colors.

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(10/9/2013 2:46:56 PM) - None of the front horses are in focus. Sorry, that seems to be off, the focus should be here[^770;502;1]. And I find this photo looks extreamly unnatural, mainly the sky. Your PP work does not work for me. And when use shadow/highlights, you need to make sure the edges of the trees stay natural[^118;228;1].

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(10/9/2013 2:38:54 PM) - Nice playing with filters but I find this to dark. Her hair and dress blind with the black background. Not sure if you did this with the filter or that is the way it's shot. Also, the whole picture is too blurry, not just her eyes.

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(10/3/2013 8:33:25 AM) - This one is even better than yesterday photos, love this, it look so 3D!! Maybe this glow area around her arm[^663;681;1]needs fixing but that's miner!

And I clicked the wrong button the first time I voted, lol!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(9/26/2013 8:56:58 PM) - I really like the old effect here, it's really makes this photo!

Dean, it would be nice if you would up your top 10 more then once a week. You keep voting 7.9 and not upping your votes...

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(9/26/2013 8:54:22 PM) - Nitzan send me a very nice message, about his not so good English, I guess some times I'm a little hard on people, I'm truly sorry about that!!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(9/26/2013 12:34:18 PM) - Very cute!!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(9/26/2013 12:27:08 PM) - Her stricking eyes makes this one!

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