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(by Elisabethto Steve Webb)

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Comment by Elisabeth(3/31/2014 10:06:46 AM) - Beautiful grafical effect!

Comment by Elisabeth(3/31/2014 10:00:58 AM) - Wonderful portrait of this cat! I like her concentrated expression very much. The toning fits very well too!

Comment by Elisabeth(3/9/2014 10:07:16 AM) - Beautiful capture of this little bird sitting at the top of the branch! I like the light and the composition very much. I tried a crop suggestion. I cropped a bit from the foreground as it seems a bit heavy in comparison to the bird.

Comment by Elisabeth(2/16/2014 5:20:39 PM) - Thank you all very much for commenting and voting this photo!
Although I live in Cologne it's every time I visit this place a great moment when the lights turn on and the bridge shines in golden light and the cathedral in silver light.

Comment by Elisabeth(2/16/2014 2:54:48 PM) - Great portrait which tells a story!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/16/2014 8:27:14 AM) - Beautiful portrait of this big animal! Great details and very well chosen crop!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/16/2014 5:19:22 AM) - Interesting capture!
Is ist a day or a night shot? And the all overall effect due to the photo or due to the post processing?

Comment by Elisabeth(2/16/2014 5:16:24 AM) - Beautiful winter scene! I agree with Ray and I also would wish a bit more of the landscape at the bottom and on the left, so that the two friends do not walk out of the photo so quickly!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/16/2014 5:12:06 AM) - A peaceful scene in lovely pastel colours!
I tried a crop suggestion to crop out the white plant at the bottom, because for my taste it is a bit too dominant.
But as it is it is a beautiful photo!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/16/2014 4:16:15 AM) - Great idea, well presented!
A little bit you can see the cut out of the horse from the original bg. But I know this is a hard job which I can't do better.

Comment by Elisabeth(2/15/2014 4:30:41 PM) - Congrats to win the theme "Love"!
Regards Elisabeth

Comment by Elisabeth(2/15/2014 1:24:00 PM) - Oh, I nearly missed this entry; that would be a pity!
I like the idea and the presentation very much, something different!
Thank you very much for the participation!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/15/2014 1:07:38 PM) - Very creative work! Thanks for the entry!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/15/2014 1:06:27 PM) - Very interesting and creative work! Thank you for joining in!
Sorry I'm so late; the last two days were very busy for me.

Comment by Elisabeth(2/14/2014 3:57:38 PM) - A wonderful dreamy entry! The softness underlines the dreamy impression! Great entry, thank you very much!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/14/2014 7:58:05 AM) - A big family is wonderful! Beautiful entry, Helly! Thank you very much!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/14/2014 5:44:07 AM) - I love old photos! You did a great job! I love her smile and the dog under the bench! He looks a liitle bit serious.
Beautiful entry, Zenonas! Thank you very much!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/10/2014 4:56:33 PM) - Beautiful view to the amusement park! The person adds a lot!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/10/2014 4:54:54 PM) - Wonderful portrait, I agree very much with Bas'comment.
The only thing that I would change is that I would soften the skin in the face a very little bit. But this is a matter of taste.
Great photo!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/9/2014 7:41:59 AM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(I'm building an Ark): Thank you!
#2 B2O: Thank you! A long and thick flag pole on the left made the composition difficult. I cloned it out. If I had chosen my point of view more on the left to show more of the cathedral the flag pole would even more distract the view to the cathedral and cloning it out would nearly be impossible (for me). This is why I chosed this point of view!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/9/2014 6:35:51 AM) - Beautiful sunset!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/9/2014 6:10:29 AM) - Beautiful macro, very elegant tulip!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/8/2014 3:43:33 PM) - Beautiful capture! The tracks and the people add a lot!
Maybe I would have cropped a bit from the dark top and probably I would have tried to take the peaople out of the center. But I'm not sure. And as it is it is a wonderful photo!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/8/2014 3:37:59 PM) - The low key effect and the use of light are really great!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/4/2014 5:12:11 PM) - I like the claritiy in this photo very much. I agree about the corrections of the perspective!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/4/2014 5:11:04 PM) - Cute model!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/4/2014 5:09:54 PM) - I like the mood very much but the quality of the post processing is not the best as you can see big halos around the top of the trees.

Comment by Elisabeth(2/4/2014 5:08:26 PM) - Light conditions were really difficult but you managed it very well! Beautiful capture of this elegant bird!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/4/2014 5:06:40 PM) - Great active scene!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/3/2014 4:37:56 PM) - This dog needs a more attractive background for my taste and a lower perspective.

Comment by Elisabeth(2/3/2014 4:35:46 PM) - Beautiful portrait, but I would like more eye-contact to the model.

Comment by Elisabeth(2/3/2014 4:33:59 PM) - In this case I would like a lighter pb-mat. The black pb-mat makes the portrait to narrow for my taste. Nevertheless a beautiful portrait!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/2/2014 3:15:50 PM) - Beautiful sky with lovely blue and golden tones!
Maybe I would have cloned out the trees at the bottom to show only sky!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/1/2014 4:07:17 PM) - Beautiful capture! I like the flowers in the bg too! But maybe they could be a bit less dominant for my taste.

Comment by Elisabeth(2/1/2014 3:52:35 PM) - Beautiful wintermood, very creative work!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/1/2014 3:50:43 PM) - Beautiful winter mood!

Comment by Elisabeth(2/1/2014 3:40:56 PM) - Great portrait of the owl! Excellent details in the feathers. I just would like a bit more space round the head.

Comment by Elisabeth(2/1/2014 3:17:52 PM) - Thank you all very much for your comments and votings! I'm glad you like this photo aand I'm proud to win the theme contest.
Thank you Sreten for this great theme!

Comment by Elisabeth(1/31/2014 12:27:52 PM) - Beautiful capture! I love the composition and the colours!

Comment by Elisabeth(1/31/2014 12:13:18 PM) - Impressive entry!

Comment by Elisabeth(1/31/2014 12:10:31 PM) - Very impressive entry!

Comment by Elisabeth(1/31/2014 12:09:55 PM) - Great citiy scene!

Comment by Elisabeth(1/31/2014 12:08:25 PM) - Beautiful capture with great patterns and fantastic light! Great entry!

Comment by Elisabeth(1/26/2014 12:24:04 PM) - Welcome to PB!
The photo really should posted bigger!
But even in this size I can say that I like the play with light and shadows!

Comment by Elisabeth(1/26/2014 12:21:29 PM) - I agree with Ray about the eyes!
For my taste the picture contains too much contrast.
The bg shows on my monitor a lot of ps-work, which you easily could correct. [^47;280;1][^403;68;1]

Comment by Elisabeth(1/25/2014 3:58:37 PM) - Thank you all very much! I'm glad that you like this photo!
At that evening I wanted to go to a small channel. On my way to the channel I passed this place. But I went further to the channel but noticed that the direction to the sun was not how I had expected. So I returned to this place and waited for the sunset.

#7 Wessel-130766: This is near Sint Kruis in West Zeeuws Vlaanderen, close to the Belgian border.

Comment by Elisabeth(1/25/2014 3:03:00 PM) - Great details and good control of light. But for my taste it's a bit busy.

Comment by Elisabeth(1/25/2014 12:40:15 PM) - Beautiful portrait! I like her skin tones and her hair very much!

Comment by Elisabeth(1/25/2014 5:43:41 AM) - Beautiful view! It's just a bit pity that the left boat is cropped.

Comment by Elisabeth(1/25/2014 5:41:04 AM) - Beautiful wintermood!

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