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(by dottystorerto Geordie)

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Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 4:24:18 PM) - Gorgeous light and scene.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 4:11:59 PM) - As a submission for a theme day on books, the book is not the subject of the photograph.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 4:09:37 PM) - Beautiful lighting on the orchid. I find the text on the book distracting and not in keeping with the lines of the orchid, cup and plate. Still, a beautiful black and white photograph.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 4:03:54 PM) - Beautiful night photograph. Was this taken with a fish eye lens? I've never used one, but I notice that the buildings on the lower left and right are leaning outward. Perspective correction might be able to straighten them without distorting the center buildings. Great colors.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 3:58:15 PM) - Good capture of the moment.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 3:56:28 PM) - Great colors. Moving to the right just a bit would put the front domes in front of the trees rather than blocking part of the door. I'd like to see the perspective corrected so that the roof line is level.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 3:51:26 PM) - Good use of monotone. It seems to match the vintage of the train.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 3:47:03 PM) - Beautiful portrait! Excellent treatment of the face, hair and background. Great lighting. I'd like to see the hand, or crop it so there's no skin showing on her arm. I'd also like to see the pendant of the necklace. There's a couple of white spots in the red dress. They could easily be fixed. Beautiful.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 3:39:47 PM) - I love the expression on the priest's face. The other two look bored. I wish they were more involved. I think I'd clone out the two partial figures in the upper left or if this is a crop, leave them and include their full figures. They do add balance.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 3:34:09 PM) - Interesting light and shadows. I'd like to see it bigger.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 3:31:10 PM) - Beautiful! The texture of the fur is emphasized by the use of black and white.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 3:26:39 PM) - Beautiful light, composition and reflection. I'd like to see the lighthouse as a larger portion of the photograph. The bottom right forms a leading line to the lighthouse, but you don't need so much of it. I can't get the crop tool to work to show my suggestion. (It won't crop where I want it.) I'd crop up from the bottom and in from the left. Perhaps crop a little off the right to keep the balance.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 3:14:10 PM) - Beautiful photograph. But I disagree with you about the neutral filter. I think this image would be improved with more sharpness, contrast and vibrancy which the filter has removed. But it's important that you make photographs that please you. Just don't expect everyone to agree with you.

I agree with you about this site. I was active many years ago when there were lots of new photos and great critiques. But some got their feelings hurt. There was a flame war and then everyone stopped uploading. I'm please to see that some people have started using the site again. Let's spread the word to friends and camera clubs and try to revive it.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(12/29/2014 5:55:04 PM) - Good still life. I love the textures of the old stuff and the rain on the window pane.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(12/25/2014 11:34:39 AM) - Great photo.

Peace on Earth and
Happy Holidays to All.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(12/22/2014 4:29:40 PM) - I love how you've captured her face. The blouse is distracting, does not match her serious expression and reflects the light too much, pulling mt eyes away from her face. I'd crop just below her chin to eliminate the blouse and crop in on the sides to have her face a little off center.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(12/22/2014 4:01:34 PM) - I love the sharp focus on the boy, the beautiful brown eyes and the dirty shirt. I find the background distracting, but consistent with the grungy shirt. I suggest blurring and/or darkening the background more.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(12/22/2014 3:49:20 PM) - The many lines add great interest to this landscape and the figure in the foreground provides both a subject and scale. I suggest cropping the horizontal line at the very bottom and the dark area at the top. (Sorry, I couldn't get the crop tool to do what I wanted (with Firefox) to show you the suggested crop.)

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(12/22/2014 3:28:12 PM) - Gorgeous detail, especially of the eyes. A little hot on the forehead and cheeks. I suggest using a reflector or diffuser to soften the light.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(12/22/2014 3:18:27 PM) - Beautiful detail and soft tones.

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