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(to Ray Griffiths)

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Comment by Zenonas(3/11/2014 5:51:22 AM) - Great close-up, details and colours!

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(3/11/2014 4:49:12 AM) - Wow! A cracking shot of this little fella!

Comment by ORZECHOWSKI (. .)(3/7/2014 11:34:35 AM) - Good composition, nice pose and a very refreshing way of capturing pets.Regards

Comment by Ceri(3/7/2014 5:24:07 AM) - Nice capture. I would perhaps crop the bottom half - because I find my eye being drawn out of the image.

Comment by LindaY (Linda Y)(3/6/2014 7:58:05 PM) - Wonderful tonal range and great composition. I like the diagonals in the photo and the good focus, particularly on the eyes of the cat and the grain of the wood. The dark tones give this a nice low key look that fits your subject.

Comment by Wessel-130766(3/6/2014 3:17:51 PM) - Great capture ray. Love that deep toning!!!

Comment by Sreten(3/6/2014 10:47:56 AM) - Soft variation of the low key with great textures and nice exposure control.

Comment by THANTON (Thanos Antonelos)(3/6/2014 10:39:01 AM) - Really nicely composed and the crop is very strong!
Really sorry,about the vote.
Tried to vote,with an ipad and seems I dont know how to use it right.
Will go home and try to fix my mistake.

Comment by Steve Taylor(3/6/2014 9:24:05 AM) - Great job with the exposure.

Comment by Steve Webb(3/6/2014 8:22:36 AM) - Wow, do those eyes ever pop.

Comment by B2O(3/6/2014 5:44:17 AM) - Agree with Geordie Ray. Great cat in a good composition.
One of the "participants" of your Ark?
Gr. Bas

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(3/6/2014 5:27:38 AM) - Beautiful pic - Black cats are a difficult subject to get right. This fella is gorgeous and you have done a great job here.

Comment by ORZECHOWSKI (. .)(2/27/2014 4:58:28 AM) - Revelation photo Ray.Congrats and regards

Comment by Graham Mealand(2/24/2014 1:48:58 AM) - Very inventive idea Ray.

Comment by Mario Dias(2/23/2014 11:17:23 AM) - Not a vintage, because I can see a DSRL Nikon in the frame.
Besides that "small" detail, just love this processing and I'm also very pleased to meet you.
By the way Ray, nice hats!!

Comment by B2O(2/23/2014 10:56:58 AM) - Great Ray, A bit blown out out here[^432;59;1][^489;753;1] but I believe that you did it on purpose to get this old feeling.
Great camera's in that day's you show here:)
Gr. Bas

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by LindaY (Linda Y)(2/23/2014 9:20:26 AM) - Fantastic work, Ray! Your subject, the tones the pose and your choice of post processing all work together to show your artistic vision on this one. I love the vintage look and the timeless quality. Excellent work!

Comment by Reda Danaf(2/23/2014 5:01:11 AM) - Wonderful work Ray

Comment by Sreten(2/16/2014 1:53:59 PM) - Bags of mood and effective post processing.

Comment by Reda Danaf(2/16/2014 1:41:51 PM) - Great capture and wonderful post work.

Comment by joe bellantoni(2/16/2014 12:39:59 PM) - Love it Ray...photographers need their due as well as others

Comment by Mario Dias(2/16/2014 12:29:56 PM) - I have once got a comment from an "expert" that cameras should never make part of a picture.
You are showing that "experts" can be wrong and sometimes just saying know what I mean.
Great job Ray

Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(2/16/2014 9:39:09 AM) - #1 Elisabeth:
#2 Wessel-130766:
He was waiting for a kingfisher. It was taken in the morning when the sun was shining through the woods and there was a lot of smoke blowing around where tree surgeons were taking off small branches. I added a texture to the original shot.

Comment by April (Cindy Metzger)(2/16/2014 8:36:35 AM) - I have always been fond of photographer photos. You captured a part of the essence of the art. Processing well suited.

Comment by Wessel-130766(2/16/2014 8:21:34 AM) - I also would like to know how this result was achieved. Great shot from this photographer. What was he after for?

Comment by Elisabeth(2/16/2014 5:19:22 AM) - Interesting capture!
Is ist a day or a night shot? And the all overall effect due to the photo or due to the post processing?

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Naseer Fedaee (Kindness Cost Nothing..)(2/16/2014 4:19:52 AM) - Excellent

Comment by joe bellantoni(2/14/2014 2:21:04 PM) - excellent central view

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Graham Mealand(2/14/2014 1:30:30 AM) - You've excelled yourself here Ray, dramatically beautiful.

Comment by Sjilkov(2/13/2014 5:18:24 PM) - good

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Reidar(2/13/2014 5:04:49 PM) - Very good flower shot

Comment by Wessel-130766(2/13/2014 4:37:54 PM) - beautiful coloring capturing and excellent sharpness on the stigma and I think anthers is the english name

Comment by B2O(2/13/2014 8:46:21 AM) - Nice color combination Ray. Good sharpnes on the yellows (I don't want to say that I do not know the english words for it:)
Don't know about this leaf [^204;719;1](Thats the word I do know:)
Gr. Bas

Comment by Graham Mealand(2/13/2014 3:53:50 AM) - Photography at it's very best- superb.

Comment by Lorraine54 (Don't worry be Happy and comment more)(2/10/2014 6:47:14 AM) - Soft and pretty.. nicely done.

Comment by Reda Danaf(2/10/2014 4:38:51 AM) - Beautiful tulip, wonderful colors and details.

Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(2/10/2014 3:00:57 AM) - #5 Jeanne Miller: Two light set up, softbox and second light with red gel. Many thanks for your kind comment.

Comment by Jeanne Miller(2/9/2014 9:22:36 PM) - All of the above. How was the rosy tint in bg managed--post?

Comment by joe bellantoni(2/9/2014 4:21:38 PM) - super details and crop

Comment by Wessel-130766(2/9/2014 10:23:40 AM) - This is really elegant Ray. Excellent work

Comment by B2O(2/9/2014 7:57:10 AM) - Wonderful soft Tulip Ray. And great details.
Gr. Bas

Comment by Elisabeth(2/9/2014 6:10:29 AM) - Beautiful macro, very elegant tulip!

Comment by TW_Bda (Tim White)(1/21/2014 5:17:06 PM) - Very nice portrait, Ray. This works fine as is, and also works well as a closer crop in b/w.

Comment by joe bellantoni(1/20/2014 1:29:54 PM) - I think this looks better on a light gray mat...also always check little kids noses for crust...this is beautiful and just soft enought for the subject matter....

Comment by Vadim Shirokov(1/20/2014 12:56:29 PM) - Very pleasant portrait. The woman is beautiful! Her eyes have a warm soft sight.

Comment by Wessel-130766(1/20/2014 6:59:15 AM) - Wonderful double portrait. Have a small crop suggestion

Comment by Reda Danaf(1/20/2014 4:59:52 AM) - Wonderful portrait, beautiful skin tones and great eye contacts..God bless them both

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Amaher (Amaher Amaher)(1/16/2014 5:58:57 PM) - Fantastic details , lights and color composition , well done RAY

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(1/14/2014 4:02:27 PM) - Beautiful! Great light, colour, details and focus.

Comment by Reda Danaf(1/14/2014 3:39:54 AM) - Beautiful rose, wonderful colors and textures.

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