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About PhotoBlink Contents

About PhotoBlink

PhotoBlink Team.

Rules of the PhotoBlink site

These rules apply to all PhotoBlink users. They must be obeyed by the Primary Members, as well as the Basic Members.

About our Rating System

PhotoBlink provides you with a unique rating system. There are two groups of virtual awards: the periodical or calendar awards and the top 100 awards. The awards are marked as follows:

Periodical awards:

    - Picture of the Day
    - Picture of the Week
    - Picture of the Month

Ranking awards:

    - No 1
    - Top 10
    - Top 100
  • Periodical awards are automatically computed from the voting results for a specified period at the end of that period.
  • Top 100 awards are updated with each individual vote.
  • Once a photograph has been given an award it will retain it for its life period on the PhotoBlink site.

Grey scores

Grey scores are introduced as an effective protection from the scoring system abuse. They are calculated according to the current standing of the photo, and can be submitted only after the submitioin of a comment. They are not anonymous. A Grey score appears after a comment on the image display page, and will be neutralized if your comment doesn't justify your vote. They can be neutralized by negative scores, and scores above ten. The decision is made by the webmaster and is final.

Notes on rating rules

For an award nomination, a photograph must collect a predefined minimum number of votes. For each award category this number varies and is defined by us. The tendency will be to increase these thresholds as the site's traffic grows.
The current minimum numbers of votes for each 'Photo of' category are defined as follows:
  • Day: 6
  • Week: 14
  • Month: 20
  • Top 100: 10
If two photographs have the same score, the winner is the one with more votes.
If the number of votes is the same, the winner is the photo that was sent later, as it had less time for getting the score.

Rating of Comments

PhotoBlink goes one step further in photo competitions by providing the possibility for photographers and other participants to separately vote for comments to the photographs. This will potentially create an indispensable repository of useful tips, advice, and merely enjoyable remarks. There are three criteria by which the comments are rated:
  1. Presentation
  2. User Level (note that this does not contribute to the overall standing of the comment, it solely indicates the skill level of photographers that the comment is aimed at)
  3. Usefulness

Benefits of the PhotoBlink Rating System

The reason I've developed this system is so that no good photographs will be lost when they are inevitably pushed out of top 100 by other good (but not necessarily better) ones. Eventually it will allow everyone to enjoy hundreds of first class photographs. The Rating System also allows each author to graphically trace the history of each individual photograph and compare its success with that of the others.

Comment rating allows to extract and classify a lot of useful information from a big number of various comments.

The Streamline© and the Theme Contests©

PhotoBlink provides you with two independent competition models: the Streamline© and the Theme Contests©.

The Streamline© competition

This is the main, continuously going competition that consists of a sequence of streams, each lasting up to 3 months.

PhotoBlink members vote for the photos that have been sent in for voting (note that you can submit a work for commenting only, if you want to, as well). At the end of the day, the Photo Of The Day is determined. During the day, some photographs may earn the status of being a Hot Item. You will also find new Photos Of The Week and Photos Of The Month appearing respectively, every week and every month.

Highest-ranking works earn places in the Top Pics and Popular Pics tables. Authors with the higest scores will be placed into the Top Authors and Popular Authors lists.

After submitting a work, you have the possibility to change some of the properties, such as its description, name, voting status (whether it is open or closed to voting), etc. You can even reupload the image, or delete it.

The submitted images are commented. PhotoBlink even provides the opportunity for the commentors to leave a cropping suggestion. As a sign of gratitude or appreciation, you can vote for comments.

Photos which have been sent to a Theme Contest are also automatically sent to the Streamline. The works are voted for separately in the contests and the Streamline. This way, it is possible to compare the reactions to your works of different categories of viewers.

After every stream Honour Portfolios are granted. We consider the top 10% of the authors, but due to the fact that most of the winning authors usually already have Honour Portfolios, only about 10 - 15 new portfolios are created each time. We also provide Honour Portfolios for the top 5 commentors.

At the end of each stream, the best images are left on PhotoBlink. The top-scoring among those are recorded into the Top Pics list of that stream. Approximately 5% of highest-scoring photos are placed into the 'Evergreen' section at the end of the steam.

Removal of images at the end of the stream

At the end of the stream, about 80% of the photos are removed. This deletion is necessary to keep the quality of the photographs on PhotoBlink high, as well as to decrease the strain on the site to improve its performance, and to lower the disc space usage on our provider. The removal of the images is based upon their average score and number of votes they've received. Works which have only been sent for commenting are deleted always. The algorithm for the removing of images is not fixed. We retain the rights to alter it at any time.

There are certain image groups that are protected from the stream-end removal, regardless of their scores or number of votes. This applies:

  • Authors' own images that have been placed by them into their honour portfolios
  • Photos, which have been included in Primary Member Galleries.
  • Finalists and winning photos of PhotoBlink Contests.
  • Photos that are currently submitted to PhotoBlink Contests.
  • Photos that are included in theDido's Deluxe Dandies Rating.

Please note that when your photos are removed, the blinks that were collected by those posts are cleared!!! This creates a more realistic situation, in which it is the quality and not the quantity of your photographs that determines your success. This echoes the main purpose of PhotoBlink, namely, to simulate a real-life competition, an thus to help you become a successful photographer.

The photo removal process can take place at any time after the stream ends.

The Theme Contests©

The numerous Theme Contests© are contests on a specified subject, run over a limited period of time. All the images, participating in these, automatically become participants of the Streamline too. Note that the scores earned by the images in the contest may differ from those in the Streamline.         more>>


Two kinds of membership are possible on PhotoBlink - Basic Membership, which is free of charge, and Primary Membership, which offers you many cool options for a democratic price. The Primary Membership has 3 different levels. To find out more about what Primary Membership offers, read the Membership Help
  • Photoblink automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, information about your scores and comments, etc. You are not invisible to us.
  • We collect personally identifiable information when you register for a Photoblink membership, such as your name and your e-mail address.
  • Once you've registered on PhotoBlink, you are not anonymous to us when you are signed in. But the information about your scores and your name will not be disclosed by us to other participants of the site, unless your scores are abnormally high or low compared to the other scores on the same images and we get complaints about them.

Multiple accounts

Several accounts on PhotoBlink that are coming from one computer, or several accounts created by one person, or accounts shared by several people by passing login names and passwords, are called Multiple Accounts.

The following rules are applied to mutliple accounts:

  • Only one account from a single machine can be given the voting access.
  • Out of several multiple accounts on one machine only 2 can exist, others are closed
  • Out of 2 accounts on one machine only one can vote.

Cross-voting accounts

Accounts from which members vote favorably for each other with the average number of votes between each of these accounts sufficiently larger than the average number of votes for other members are called Cross-Voting accounts.

The following rules are applied to cross-voting accounts:

  • Out of two cross-voting accounts one is restricted to the non-anonymous voting only, or in case of severe manipulation of the scoring system, is disabled for voting

Browser support

PhotoBlink Copyright ©
Sergei Samus.