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10 blinks | Rank: 1
Comment by Tim Pereira - This looks really nice until you break it down, then, you see it needs more work in some places.

These lines,[^347;419;1][^196;432;1]should go to match the rest of the skin. If you are going glamour, then all the face should be smooth.

The double catch light is bad. I would not have added these[^199;403;1][^331;396;1]but lightened the natural ones[^196;395;1][^331;388;1].

A little sloppy work on the BG, looks like you blurred the BG out and this[^109;548;1]is the effect from it.

When you softened the skin, you softened the hair too. I would not do that, it looks softened here[^224;108;1]. There should be more texture in the hair. Do not sharpen the hair either, just leave it natural.

Whitening the teeth and eyes would help, only a little, make it look natural. Also, these little highlights in the teeth[^272;530;1]might need to go to, that just something I do, not everyone takes that out.

9 blinks | Rank: 2
Comment by Wessel-130766 - Why don't you try to rate your fellow photographers here with not just a 7.7 (good)[^-34;1148;1]
and afterwards manage the top 10[^-72;1234;1]
and put your fav in the place you want them to be.

Also commenting on other images would be nice.

5 blinks | Rank: 3
Comment by Tim Pereira - #14 Sreten: Yep!!!!

#15 Reidar: And I do remember this pictures winning POTD multiple times. You can post a picture as many time as you like but when it wins POTD, it should never be posting again for votes. You have been here long enough to know that.

In fact, the number one picture in this stream IS A REPOST BY REIDAR!!!!!!

Here is the current number 1 photo:

Here is when and where the originally post was:

This person has a lot of you fooled but not all of use......

5 blinks | Rank: 4
Comment by TW_Bda - Beautiful as is, but also looks good with greater contrast/darker tones. Excellent!

4 blinks | Rank: 5
Comment by TW_Bda - #8 Reda Danaf: Then I congratulate you on a shot that shows the laws of physics apparently being broken. I don't think there has ever been a photo where the water ripples do not centre on the source of disturbance and a reflection has the power to stop water movement. Well done!

4 blinks | Rank: 6
Comment by TW_Bda - Strong portrait, but the shadows look too cold for me. I warmed them up a bit - see what you think...

3 blinks | Rank: 7
Comment by CherylB - the subject is not god or Timmy's personality, the subject is whether or not this image could be improved. Darko, you never take the help that is given and you seem to be above improving and this is why I and many don't bother helping you any more. and these comments are one reason why pb is dead,..people tend to insult the commenter instead of sticking to the image and the critique and whether or not it is valid..insulting those who comment is what people do when they have nothing to offer. this image is a sloppy edit-period.

3 blinks | Rank: 8
Comment by Wessel-130766 - Darko,

First of all I took the time to comment on your pictures. You don't participate in commenting at all!
2nd. I said this image is a nice one. (Is not a negative comment)
3rd. The image needs a lot of cleaning up.
I wouldn't pay for a print result like this. Is liking buying a new car with scratches all over the paint.
If you didn't like the background why didn't you look for a proper background in the first place. So you don't need to do this editing. Also like people said before: Don't put the model against the wall but leave at least 2 or 3 meter space. You don't have less shadows to work on and the bg gets more blurred (if you shoot with for instance F2.8) Again saving time in post processing and less things to worry about.
Participate more and try to learn from other photographers mistakes and advice. I also ask them what did did or how. I always got an answer or help.

3 blinks | Rank: 9
Comment by Tim Pereira - #6 Lorraine54(Don't worry be Happy and comment more): All he wants is a pat on the back even though he does not listen to anyone. I guess he feels he is above critiques.

That's ashame you only replied to Ray's top 10 and not Wessel's nice critique, shame on you, Darko...

3 blinks | Rank: 10
Comment by Lorraine54 - Wessel has given you some good advice, I think it is time you should start listening .. Also agree with Jeanne about the lip colour not being very flattering for Monika.

3 blinks | Rank: 11
Comment by Wessel-130766 - Nice one. I think some cleaning and rework of the bg is necessary[^607;280;1][^604;693;1][^25;601;1][^58;205;1][^78;49;1]
You have to work better on your masking

3 blinks | Rank: 12
Comment by Hania - Reda, after re-taking a look at the picture I agree with others - the reflection looks unnaturally.

3 blinks | Rank: 13
Comment by Corry - Very good! Imho it even would have been better if you would have chosen a lower pov so that the stone doesn't be at the same line as the mountain.

3 blinks | Rank: 14
Comment by Sreten - Excellent view, great selective focus and nice colors. I would suggest this crop example. Thank you.

3 blinks | Rank: 15
Comment by CherylB - please don't crop it, different is what this site needs..not the same ole crap..

this is wonderful!

3 blinks | Rank: 16
Comment by Tim Pereira - Hi Boulatov, at first glance, I thought this photos was amazing but I really think it could be a lot better.

First, the color just does not look right. I wish it was more a normal color.

Second, these dots[^540;277;1][^652;340;1]should go.

And last, the building is leaning down, it looks like your model could fall off an moment(LOL). Maybe straighten the building out.

Over all, I really like this but I think it could be a lot better.

3 blinks | Rank: 17
Comment by Geordie - There is a great depth to this image and the colour is subtle but full of impact. The grain adds to the feeling here, but what really makes it for me are the shadows above the welder - gives a supernatural and surreal feel to the picture. Top notch for me.

3 blinks | Rank: 18
Comment by Reidar - #1 Safa:
#2 Sreten:
#3 Reda Danaf:
#4 azizchangezi:
#5 B2O:
#6 Vadim Shirokov:
#7 Graham Mealand:
#8 Wessel-130766:

Thank you very much to all of you.
And a special thanks to tomaabov who always give me 7,7 without a comment. :O)

3 blinks | Rank: 19
Comment by LindaY - Beautiful little girl with a very nice expression. I love the toning on this very much. However, I agree with Ray and Tim on the lack of detail. With this toning, what would actually work better for that slightly vintage look would be to leave some detail and more contrast in the center of the photo, particularly in the shawl and then use a soft light vignette to frame the subject around the edges.

3 blinks | Rank: 20
Comment by joe bellantoni - #2 George60: No George, you go to edit here and hit the black mask , the update the changes, its not in ps its here on this site.To see how it is going to look go above your image and you will see a bunch of squares...hit the one on the far left to see it.

3 blinks | Rank: 21
Comment by rafal_antoniuk - Nice mood. Goog capture.

P.S.I think you are long enough in PB to learn how to use full voting from 7.7 to 9.3, not just 7.7 to 7.9.

3 blinks | Rank: 22
Comment by Tim Pereira - Nice but I do not like this area[^623;123;1][^585;86;1], looks a little strange.

Would be nice if you would vote for others on the day you post a picture, you just posted and ran...

3 blinks | Rank: 23
Comment by tomaabov - OFF sorry, but i have one question: why you always, i mean always score good images lowest ratio?? This became annoying to me too, all images rated high you lowered them.
I know now your intention, i checked last best images from only on first page and it is all clear. You scored only images rated in top 100, gave them all lowest ratio.

Very nice image this is.....btw......

3 blinks | Rank: 24
Comment by Reidar - Yes ...this is something new!! Excellent image with a special and interesting POV.
Sharp and great DOF. Great work.

3 blinks | Rank: 25
Comment by CherylB - I think she is prettier than you making her need to work at her best features..her lips need to be slightly fuller and I tried a new hair style on her..I really don't care if you ignore my suggestions..I learn from them even if you do not.

3 blinks | Rank: 26
Comment by TW_Bda - Great detail and a fine eye caught here. Far too much yellow for my taste, which has produced chroma noise in the feathers

3 blinks | Rank: 27
Comment by LindaY - Very mesmerizing image of these dunes, Reda. There is something so mysterious about these natural formations which you have presented so well. I like the way that the clouds seem to echo the shape of the dunes too. This gives strength to the photo. Nicely done!

3 blinks | Rank: 28
Comment by Viva - Good composition, pose! But, in my opinion, the hand (at the bottom) is too dark, and the girl's face and hand, and on the contrary with bleached white on the skin. I want to balance the white balance.

2 blinks | Rank: 29
Comment by Safa - i love the strawberries , maybe the light made them flat , with more blur on back bowl its more Delicious

2 blinks | Rank: 30
Comment by Wessel-130766 - A good image but could use some additional work.
[^17;653;1] clone out this.[^122;904;1]
A bit of image straightening and a bit more light. see my example.

2 blinks | Rank: 31
Comment by Ray Griffiths - #2 Stuart Holmes:
I reckon more depth to bring all three flowers into focus against the backdrop of colour.

2 blinks | Rank: 32
Comment by Ray Griffiths - Dramatic and arresting picture, a nice balance between tranquility and the ferocity of weather.

2 blinks | Rank: 33
Comment by B2O - Wonderful Dean! Just like a classic human portrait:-) Nice colors (Ton-sur-Ton) Great compo and the cherry on the cake is this twig[^528;833;1] diagonal from the right bottom corner.
Nice for in a nature book! (small nit maybe clone this [^758;25;1] away. Makes is better than it already is. Great compliment.
Gr. Bas

2 blinks | Rank: 34
Comment by Naseer Fedaee - #1 Hania(Anna Franek): Yes, but I like this photo cause I took it in a far valley of my country and they really have very bad mind about USA but its amazing they they wear the American T-shirt and dresses, as you can see here.
Most of them are uneducated and few persons misuse them by the name of religion and culture..

2 blinks | Rank: 35
Comment by Naseer Fedaee - Thanks dear Anna,

and wish you too all the best and happy Christmas, I hope we make PB as it was few year ago :)


2 blinks | Rank: 36
Comment by Geordie - This group has been captured by you in fine detail - the backdrop of the lake is fantastic and contrasts with the foreground detail of 'snowdrops'? A really pleasing picturesque scene.

2 blinks | Rank: 37
Comment by Tim Pereira - I guess these power lines[^1071;155;1][^1097;154;1][^783;181;1]are hanging in the air by magic...

2 blinks | Rank: 38
Comment by B2O - Great catch in a wonderful composition and good colors. Small nit could bet the light softness in the BG as Tim mentioned, but his example is a bit to much for me. somewhere in between is getter IMO.
But besides that: The image works.
Gr. Bas

2 blinks | Rank: 39
Comment by TW_Bda - Cute expression, well caught. I lifted the shadows a bite and moved the colour balance away from green. See what you think.

2 blinks | Rank: 40
Comment by Ray Griffiths - I like this image, Dean, hope you are getting better now.

It's an uphill struggle to post with the number of posts less than the number of votes needed to post, it involves too much chicanery and searching through the archives which I'm not sure I have the will to do any more. Without involvement of our elusive 'webmaster', who has shown not the slightest interest, there is little that can be done. God knows, I tried.

2 blinks | Rank: 41
Comment by Geordie - Super capture Anna - the look of concentration and intention is immense and the colour of his eyes is marvellous. I like the widescreen format and the way you have captured the moment of take-off.

2 blinks | Rank: 42
Comment by Mario Dias - I'm with Gordie.
Very unusual framing, but I like it a lot.
Think that this framing and low key processing highlights what is really important in this beautiful portrait, avoiding any distractions.
That small glow in the eye is making half picture.
Like to see new end experimental trials and also believe that rules are made for breaking.
No rules, great photo.
Extended congrats to the model as well.
Love her expression.

2 blinks | Rank: 43
Comment by Ray Griffiths - Stunningly beautiful image. The marriage between plant and texture works so well.

2 blinks | Rank: 44
Comment by joe bellantoni - #17 darko: Most people would pay for the advice that we give on this site...not reject all the positive info given to your husband....but don't worry I don't think anybody will bother anymore.

2 blinks | Rank: 45
Comment by B2O - Hi Darko,
I have done my best also. I always do when I react on this site. I do give the positive's about a picture, and also name the things that could be better IMO. That is what I have done also in my reaction on this image.
I told you what the good things are in your image.

It is just what you prefer I believe.
I prefer 1 constructive critical comment on my image above 10 Ooh's and Aah's! (But I will accept them if they are really honest}

And yes, that gives a good feeling but it does not bring me any further.
I believe there is NOT ONE of my images 100% perfect.
But in so many times I don't know what is wrong but it just feels wrong.
And that's when PB comes around. I always accept the critics of another photographer. I have asked for it by publishing. And that is also why I respect the vision of people like Wessel. And in Wessel's case: "He is critical and see's things that I did not see and I am grateful for that.
That's why I ask for comment and it is in this way I comment on other images. I hope that they will be accepted in the same way.

I hope this will shine a positive light on your vision.
Gr. Bas

2 blinks | Rank: 46
Comment by Lorraine54 - #7 Tim Pereira( T-Bear):
#9 Tim Pereira( T-Bear):
#10 Tim Pereira( T-Bear):

Yes exactly Tim.

2 blinks | Rank: 47
Comment by Lorraine54 - #8 darko: Funny you did not thank Wessel and B20 along with Ray, they both took the time to comment on your image and give helpful advice.

Your editing work is sloppy, a shame you wont listen.

2 blinks | Rank: 48
Comment by Tim Pereira - #8 darko: And, even though PB is almost dead, this is still a critiquing website. If you do not want people telling what's wrong with your photo, only post on Facebook or Flickr, you will get all pats on the back there...

2 blinks | Rank: 49
Comment by Jeanne Miller - I appreciate the color scheme and coordination and the portrait is fine, but I think the lip color is decidedly unattractive.

2 blinks | Rank: 50
Comment by joe bellantoni - this is so good...I thought how can it be improved. Well I don't know but knowing this bird I would would say its almost perfect just a little increase in the color saturation....

2 blinks | Rank: 51
Comment by joe bellantoni - Reda I believe this image was played with too much to be in wildlife....especially the sharp lines and missing is ok to do this but please don't try to pass this off as are insulting our intelligence...
I don't want to insult you but this is not right

2 blinks | Rank: 52
Comment by Elisabeth - Now I looked often at this photo and I love the light in this capture very much!
But I miss the circles on the water surface at the mirrored bird. This makes the photo for me a bit unnatural. Maybe I'm wrong.

2 blinks | Rank: 53
Comment by LindaY - I am so saddened to hear this. Bill was already a recognized artist, photographer, and all around nice guy when I first started here. I had hoped to meet him sometime in the near future as I am moving to Florida, just south of where he lived. Now that is a dream that will never be realized....

RIP Bill.

2 blinks | Rank: 54
Comment by TW_Bda - Great action here - I like the shot. I suggest a slight crop, and if you have the pixels, try to bring out a bit more detail on the main focus of the image.

2 blinks | Rank: 55
Comment by CherylB - Congrats to you! I hope to see you famous one day! Keep up the great work and attitude!

2 blinks | Rank: 56
Comment by B2O - #19 Hania(Anna Franek): Hania, It is a scientific fact that the sun creates a blue cast in shade regions. That's the problem of every sensor. Even in the very expensive Hasselblad slr's. You can see that in the regions where it does not happen out here [^836;94;1][^801;407;1][^294;475;1] and there are more places where the sun reaches the buildings.
That's why every image needs PP IMO. I have in my workflow on sun/shadow images always a Yellow filter to compensate that en lay down a negative mask on it. I do that to let the yellow work only in the shadow regions.

In that way you create a more realistic version than the one from the sensor. But: The photographer self knows how it was if he can remember and never the viewer. So it is up to him how he has experienced that moment, or wants to experience the viewer of the image that moment.

In this case I would correct the blue cast created by a fault in the sensor(technologie) and make it a bit warmer. And it is a nice place to be I believe.
Gr. Bas

2 blinks | Rank: 57
Comment by Ray Griffiths - Good concept. I'd wish to see halves of the same size here, and perhaps a more directional light.

2 blinks | Rank: 58
Comment by Boulatov Dmitry - and I see other face ))
[^421;265;1][^444;263;1] - eye
[^437;285;1] - nose
[^434;310;1] - mouth
and [^282;316;1] - hand

2 blinks | Rank: 59
Comment by B2O - I see a face in it!
eye[^600;349;1]nose[^642;379;1]and mouth[^662;420;1]
Maybe it is an indian see some feathers out here also[^501;214;1]
Gr. Bas

2 blinks | Rank: 60
Comment by Geordie - An excellent critique Tim and a little valuable lesson for us all! The pic and model are super as is the pose and obvious rapport.

2 blinks | Rank: 61
Comment by B2O - Nice and good long exposure Reidar. But I know you have more beauties like this in your portfolio that are even more wonderful.
I am very curious what you find of your fellow photographers that commented en voted on this image.
Gr. Bas

2 blinks | Rank: 62
Comment by Hania - Perfectly captured textures of covered with ice stones on a background of silky water, create an extraordinary image!

2 blinks | Rank: 63
Comment by B2O - Great svs but needs a bit work it has so much potential but it is too dark for me now. This image is worth a bit work more and you have a great one. Fine location although. See example.
Gr. Bas

2 blinks | Rank: 64
Comment by tomaabov - Tim Pereira. Smart man, i always knew you are.

And Reidar, it is nothing wrong with your pictures, it is problem in your head and in a few more here...playing hypocrites and crying for what? You teach me how to play game here on PB. Now i'm the one who mess with your scores, like you did it years and still you doing this. Eat your s*** now.
I explained, have no problems do that.

have a nice light

2 blinks | Rank: 65
Comment by Tim Pereira - #9 Reidar: Yep, that's to bad that Tom keeps voting you down. But, if you are so concern about voting, why did you vote luna's number 1 photo only a 7.9??

2 blinks | Rank: 66
Comment by Reidar - #1 Ray Griffiths(Pictures speak louder than words):
#2 incult(Marius Caragea):
#3 Hazel4:
#4 saeed(Saeed Hasanabbasi):
#5 Sjilkov:
#6 joe bellantoni:
#7 Boulatov Dmitry:
#8 Graham Mealand:

Thank you folks for your comments and voting.

I am trying very hard to get a good picture so tomaabov also would like it, but so far all my pictures is just a 7,7 shot. And I guess it will never be better because he never tell me what is wrong with my pictures.

2 blinks | Rank: 67
Comment by Reidar - #1 Elisabeth:
#2 luna:
#3 rafal_antoniuk:
#4 incult(Marius Caragea):
#6 Arne:
#7 Roberto Andrade:

Thanks a lot folks making my pic the picture of the day.

And tomaabov you never miss a picture with high score. But I can tell you you miss Sretens I think...wonder why?

2 blinks | Rank: 68
Comment by TW_Bda - Impressive view. Luna if you reduce the exposure a little and take down the highlights, I think it make the colors pop. I also suggest a crop to take the horizon off the mid-line; it adds depth to the image.

2 blinks | Rank: 69
Comment by Elisabeth - What a beautiful view!
I tried a crop suggestion to increase the impact on the canyon landscape. Maybe you like it?

2 blinks | Rank: 70
Comment by Graham Mealand - Well said Elisabeth, I share your thoughts. it will be 10 years ago for me next year when, if my memory serves, 50 posts a day were the norm. I rate PB and hope sincerely that it will retain the interest of past & present photographers.
(Like your photo btw)

2 blinks | Rank: 71
Comment by Tim Pereira - None of the front horses are in focus. Sorry, that seems to be off, the focus should be here[^770;502;1]. And I find this photo looks extreamly unnatural, mainly the sky. Your PP work does not work for me. And when use shadow/highlights, you need to make sure the edges of the trees stay natural[^118;228;1].

2 blinks | Rank: 72
Comment by TW_Bda - Nice pov. Reduced shadows and a little more warmth may help. I also cropped a little

2 blinks | Rank: 73
Comment by Hania - I prefer the higher pov of the first picture and the mood of it, created by light, colour and softness of the water. In the second picture I like contrast between warm colours of the sand/rocks and blues of the water/sky. Also like how the complex texture of rocks' surface interacts with the complex texture of the water surface in the second image.
But the problem of sharpness is here the most important issue for me. In both pictures the strong sharpening is seen. Additionally in the first picture only the rock in the fg is really sharp. That is why I prefer the second one.
In my case I have similar problems with sharpness when my tripod is not enough stabile, when I touch the camera during shooting or sometimes when I do not use the camera function limiting mirror's movement.
As I live pretty far from a sea coast, I envy you such a place and look forward to the next beautiful shots!

2 blinks | Rank: 74
Comment by Wessel-130766 - Maybe you also could comment on other images and try to rate them instead of just giving a 7.8 without any comments.

The whites are too bright. If this is coming from a raw file you can correct the most of it.
The shadows don;t have detail also. Also correctable with raw

2 blinks | Rank: 75
Comment by Reidar - #1 saeed(Saeed Hasanabbasi):
#1 saeed(Saeed Hasanabbasi):
#2 Geordie(Dean Wilson):
#3 Naseer Fedaee(Kindness Cost Nothing..):
#4 Sjilkov:
#5 Graham Mealand:
#6 Boulatov Dmitry:
#7 Arne:
#8 luna:

Thank you all of you.

And to tomaabov. You do not have to wait in many days before you vote your 7,7. Or do you don't want that people should see you..? Are you a chicken ?

2 blinks | Rank: 76
Comment by Reidar - Congratulation with the picture of the day. Really a beautiful butterfly shot.
I can see you have got the famous 7,7 from the famous tomaabov.
He always try to ruin people's picture if they get high score.
So welcome in the club.

Have a great Sunday.

2 blinks | Rank: 77
Comment by Ray Griffiths - Fantastic depiction of one of our national treasures. (The lighthouse is pretty good, too.)

2 blinks | Rank: 78
Comment by B2O - Wonderful Viva, Leave it this way. I will give you a point that this picture deserves, because I don't have any nit. And my comment is equal that score. Otherwise I will tell you what can be better.
I hope you will do so if you just give a 7.8 to the other photographers.
Let's all have some fun in learning out here, and enjoying each others pictures:)
I like the sky the most. It looks like art. The extra's are the ship and the lights near to it.
Big compliment.
Gr. Bas

2 blinks | Rank: 79
Comment by joe bellantoni - I don't know if you need all that top to show they came down for water...nice sharp image

2 blinks | Rank: 80
Comment by B2O - Just follow your hart Naseer. Do what gives you the best feeling. I believe it gets the best out of a photographer. (just a vision)
Gr. Bas

2 blinks | Rank: 81
Comment by Safa - Dear Naseer .

In first Congrats for your Exhibition and your Performance in Dubai .
In Second ... IMO this is You that make a Decision to choose the way . Your Heart And Soul will Say to You About that ... In my Mind this is a Kind of Photo Art , so Its Great and Attractive .
And Out door Photography is Other ... Attractive and Great too ...
All In All I make a Good Wish for You on All The Ways.
Khoda Be Hamrahat :)

2 blinks | Rank: 82
Comment by joe bellantoni - this is great piece of art...wish you did it more as a is taking more of an illustrative look...I can't help thinking how good a photo image would be.

2 blinks | Rank: 83
Comment by Jeanne Miller - Arresting. Even the two-toned sky is interesting. How tall are those miniature mountains?

2 blinks | Rank: 84
Comment by Hania - As I am just "fighting" :) with pp of my Norwegian landscapes, my first thoughts were:
- excellent textures/details in shadow in the shot taken against the light,
- subtle balance between light and shadow,
- capturing the unique moment,
- shapes that stimulate imagination.
Very beautiful!

2 blinks | Rank: 85
Comment by Boulatov Dmitry - #12 tumas(tommy pace): thank's

#10 Safa:
#13 B2O:
Thank's for your comments. Yes it's real mistake of make-up. I have not noticed it.

2 blinks | Rank: 86
Comment by Tim Pereira - #9 azizchangezi: I really appreciate that, sometimes, I feel people only want a pat on the back when it comes to their photos. When people take the time to critique the photo, they seem insulted. That's ashame too, I thouhgt we are all here to learn and grow!

2 blinks | Rank: 87
Comment by Wessel-130766 - Try to avoid the wrinkles on her shirt[^369;544;1][^154;538;1][^254;497;1][^173;451;1][^339;422;1]
Don't put her also to close to a bg wall. You will get much better seperation and than it will be easier to work on her hair edges for instance

2 blinks | Rank: 88
Comment by April - Splendid scape, well composed in special light, moody atmosphere. The perspective is indicative of your "excellent eye" and patience to catch the magical light, reflex definition and terrific shape to the fg.
Would only wish for the rock not to be center but know you couldn't move it down a bit cause, darn, they are heavy.
Love the serenity.

2 blinks | Rank: 89
Comment by Reda Danaf - Beautiful landscape well composed, the curve leads the eyes to the beautiful background, wonderful colors enhanced by perfect light condition.

2 blinks | Rank: 90
Comment by Jeff Brown UK - IMO it's way out of balance with far too much darkness.
You only look at at the portion with the sunset and that has a black mast running through it.

2 blinks | Rank: 91
Comment by Reidar - George you rated Rays picture to 7,8 and Darkos to 7,7. What do you think this picture from you are good for...? 7,9 and top ten or...?

2 blinks | Rank: 92
Comment by Zenonas - #9 azizchangezi: Of course, it is very good your editing and I agree, but for my taste no longer here the play of light and looks a little monotony...Anyway, it is very good your suggestion. Thank you.

2 blinks | Rank: 93
Comment by LindaY - This is gorgeous in a dramatic, wild and earthy way. I love the way that the line of stone leads the viewer's eyes up to the castle. The clouds add a fantastic, dramatic quality to this image as well. Excellent!

2 blinks | Rank: 94
Comment by rafal_antoniuk - The softness of delightful BG making this excellent action shot very special!
Splendid work!

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Comment by B2O - This perspective makes the human being as relative as they are. Very small against this hughes rocks of mother nature. We are here for a very short time, and how long is this rock already here and how long will he be there. That building is just an intermediate station for those people who live in that age.
Nice capture of our home "planet earth". It's just our walking path during our lifetime. Let's be careful on it!
Gr. Bas

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Comment by Wessel-130766 - #4 charlo: It's good to upload these images. That's the way you and we all can learn. It's hard to learn from perfects images.

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Comment by TW_Bda - Cracking flight shot, Helly. I know from experience that these guys are not easy to get a good shot of. I think that if you warm up the tones and then play with shadows and highlights, you can get the bird to stand out a bit more. I tried to show what I mean.

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Comment by rafal_antoniuk - Beutiful view! Light little-bit too strong and maybe clone out those[^323;327;1][^559;333;1] etc (if possibile).

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Comment by Ray Griffiths - Great lighting. The brolly's closing strap is a little distracting, but only a little.

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Comment by Wessel-130766 - Great shot.

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